Is 29:20 – 21, 24

… where are they now, that spent themselves on wrongdoing, watching a man’s words to convict him of guilt, defrauding him of justice at the city gate, setting aside, with a quibble, the plea of the innocent?… Restless hearts will attain true knowledge then, and the murmurers learn wisdom.

Mt 9:29

Thereupon, he touched their eyes, and said, Your faith shall not be disappointed.

In Conversation with God:

For those who believe there are no obstacles…

Faith, if it is strong, protects the whole house… Christ lays down one condition: we must live by faith; then we will be able to move mountains. And so many things need moving… in the world, but, first of all in our own hearts…

One consequence of a strong faith is optimism, and the certainty that things will go well…

Take the trusting serenity of the Virgin Mary in the secret she kept from Saint Joseph. Mary loved Joseph and she saw him suffer. She trusted in God. It is possible that in following our own vocation or in carrying out God’s will, we may be afraid of making our loved ones suffer…

She maintained her union with her son right up to the cross. There, by the divine plan, she took her stand, endured bitter grief with her only child, shared with a mother’s heart in his sacrifice by giving a loving consent to the offering of the victim who had taken birth from her.


… there is more than one way in which men sacrifice to the fallen angels.


… and so long to no disasters and mornings too, and so long to ever afters, so long to you…

ToB #112 ~ Love is Victorious in the Struggle Between Good and Evil


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