Is 26:1 – 2

But in the land of Juda, when that day comes, what shall their song be? Sion is ours, an impregnable fortress; divine protection it has for wall and breast-work; wide let its gates be opened, to welcome true hearts that still keep troth with him.

In Conversation with God:

God wants us to show our faith when we obey, for he doesn’t express his Will with drums and trumpets. Sometimes he suggests his wishes in a whisper, deep in our conscience…

He often speaks to us through other people… 

Humility leaves us free to obey happily…

God does not need our deeds but our obedience…

If we are sometimes made to suffer greatly, God will not be offended by our tears. But we must say at once: Father, thy will be done.


… woe unto thee, thou stream of human custom! Who shall stay thy course? How long shall it be before thou art dried up? How long wilt thou carry down the sons of Eve into that huge and formidable ocean, which even they who are embarked on the cross can scarce pass over? …

And thou beatest againt thy rocks and roarest, saying, “Hence words are learnt; hence eloquence is to be attained…” …

I do not blame the words, they being, as it were, choice and precious vessels, but the wine of error which was drunk in them to us by inebriated teachers; and unless we drank, we were beaten, without liberty of appeal to any sober judge.


Real security comes not from thicker walls or higher fences or bigger weapons, but from the knowledge of being loved and cared for.


… i’m still learning to love, just starting to crawl… i’m sorry that i couldn’t get to you… i would have followed you… say something…

ToB #111 ~ Love is Ever Seeking and Never Satisfied

His Holiness elaborates on eros and agape in the Song of Songs.


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