Is 25:6

A time is coming when the Lord of hosts will prepare a banquet on this mountain of ours; no meat so tender, no wine so mellow, meat that drips with fat, wine well strained.

In Conversation with God:

… to learn how to be merciful we must fix our eyes on Jesus, who comes to save that which was lost. He does not come to crush the broken reed or to wholly extinguish the wick that still smoulders, but to take upon himself our wretchedness and save us from it, and to share in their misfortune with those who suffer and are in need…

It is not those who are well who have need a physician, but those who are sick…

But God has placed a condition on our obtaining his compassion and mercy for our offences and weaknesses. The condition is that we too should have a heart of compassion for those around us…

… one must cultivate… sensitivity of heart, which bears witness to ‘compassion’ towards a suffering person. Sometimes this compassion remains the only or the principal expression of our love for and of our solidarity with the sufferer… 

The scope for mercy is as great as the extent of the human suffering that needs to be remedied. And, since mankind is subject to misery and calamity in the physical, intellectual and moral order… the possible works of mercy are innumerable – as many as men have needs…

In a society dehumanized by frequent attacks on the family, more and more old people and those who are ill are left without consolation and affection…

… nothing can make you such an imitator of Christ as your concern for others. Although you fast, although you sleep on the floor, even though I dare to say, you kill yourself, if you are not attentive to your neighbour, you have done very little…

ToB #110 ~ Truth and Freedom the Foundation of True Love

His Holiness notes that the groom in SoS calls his bride “beloved,” but also, “sister.” JPII notes that “sister” is, in some ways, the more revealing title; it speaks of trust, tenderness, a love rightly ordered, and its acknowledgement of femininity.


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