Lk 21:3 – 4

…  this poor widow has put in more than all the others. The others all made an offering to God out of what they had to spare; she, with so little to give, put in her whole livelihood.

In Conversation with God:

We should not be afraid to be generous…

St. Augustine… commented… Who has ever given more than this widow who left nothing for herself? … There is an old saying that God is won over by the last coin. Is there anything in my heart that does not belong to the Lord? Time, belongings, friends… ? …

The Kingdom of God is priceless but at the same time it costs whatever you have down to the last penny… Peter and Andrew had to abandon their boats and their nets. For the widow it was two copper coins… For someone else it was a cup of cold water…

When a man has filled very suitable jars with good wine, and a few among those jars are left empty, then he comes to the jars, and does not look at the full jars, for he knows that they are full; but he looks at the empty, being afraid lest they have become sour. For empty jars quickly become sour, and the goodness of the wine is gone. The same thing happens with souls. They can go sour. If our friendship with God is half-hearted, it will not endure…

Above all one must remember that God does not measure human actions by a standard which stops at the appearances of ‘how much’ is given. God measures according to the standard of the interior values of ‘how’ one places oneself at the disposal of one’s neighbor: He measures according to the degree of love with which one freely dedicates oneself to the service of the brethren. 


… whence comes it that it is still dinned into our ears on all sides, “Let him alone, let him act as he likes, for he is not yet baptized”? But as regards bodily health, no one exclaims, “Let him be more seriously wounded, for he is not yet cured!”


… the sky wasn’t big enough for them all…
… we won’t run, and we won’t run, and we won’t run, and in the winter night sky ships are sailing, looking down on these bright blue city lights, and they won’t wait, and they won’t wait, and they won’t wait… and as the world comes to an end, i’ll be here to hold your hand, ’cause you’re my king and i’m your lionheart…
… some had scars and some had scratches, it made me wonder about their past, and as i looked around, i began to notice that we were nothing like the rest… we sleep until the sun goes down…
… the lights go out, i am all alone, all the trees outside are buried in the snow, i spend my night dancing with my own shadow and it holds me and it never lets me go… my dear old friend, take me for a spin, two wolves in the dark, running in the wind, i’m letting go, but i’ve never felt better, passing by all the monsters in my head…
… there’s an old voice in my head that’s holding me back… tell her that i miss our little talks, soon it will be over and buried with our past, we used to play outside when we were young and full of life and full of love… you’re gone, gone, gone away, i watched you disappear, all that’s left is the ghost of you, now we’re torn, torn, torn apart, there’s nothing we can do…

ToB #106 ~ The Sacramental Covenant in the Dimension of Sign

The body speaks the truth through conjugal love, fidelity and integrity, just as non-truth, that is, falsity, is expressed by all that is the negation of conjugal love, fidelity and integrity.


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