Col 1:14-15

In the Son of God, in his blood, we find the redemption that sets us free from our sins. He is the true likeness of the God we cannot see…

Lk 23: 42 – 43

Then he said to Jesus, Lord, remember me when thou comest into thy kingdom. And Jesus said to him, I promise thee, this day thou shalt be with me in Paradise.

Living Liturgy:

… they misunderstand what “save yourself” means. They thought being saved meant that Jesus should come down from the cross, avoid any more suffering, certainly avoid death. But Jesus shows us through his words to the other criminal what being saved really means: “you will be with me in Paradise.”


… I disobeyed them not because I had chosen a better way, but from a fondness for play, loving the honour of victory in the matches and to have my ears tickled with lying fables, in order that they might itch the more furiously…

Is 54:10

Let the mountains be moved, the hills shake; my compassion towards thee stands immovable, my promise still unshaken, says the Lord, thy comforter.

ToB #105 ~ The Language of the Body in the Structure of Marriage

Yahweh is the Lord of Israel, but he also becomes her Spouse… the breach of the covenant signifies not only an infraction of the “pact” linked with the authority of the supreme Legislator, but also infidelity and betrayal. It is a blow which even pierces his heart as Father, as Spouse and as Lord…

In the writings of the prophets, who catch a fleeting glimpse of the analogy of the covenant of Yahweh with Israel in marriage, the body speaks the truth through fidelity and conjugal love. When it commits adultery it speaks lies; it is guilty of falsity.


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