Reasons I Hurt

Just a little over three weeks ago, I had a diagnostic laparoscopy on the feast of St. Max. Last Thursday, I had my post-op appointment. My doctor began by saying that “there are a lot of reasons why [I] hurt.”

At least we know for sure that it wasn’t just all in my head. I feel considerably better about all those ER nurses who looked at me with extreme skepticism bordering on disgust when I told them that, by that time that I was in the hospital, my pain was gone. This was usually followed by multiple are-you-sure-you’re-not-pregnant questions which, naturally, angered me. What part of, “That’s not possible,” do you not understand or stubbornly refuse to believe?


Thank you so much for all of your prayers. I write because people generally like to know what they were / are praying for, and since I am in the process of writing my testimony for 1Flesh but intend to wait for a few more things to get sorted out before posting it, I thought an update specific to recent events would be appropriate. It’s my way of documenting for myself, too.

For the most part, I’ve been told that I actually look pretty darn healthy, aside from the endometriosis [which was confirmed]. Hmm… That’s funny. Gallbladder, appendix – it all looks great. But then there’s the paratubal cyst on my left ovary that showed up in my ultrasounds three years ago; that needs to go. And as for the endometriosis, the adjective used was “extensive.” It’s mostly on the left side, which is consistent with the pain that I experience, and the worst of it is right behind my left ovary,  but there’s some on the right side and on my bladder as well.

I was sent home with lots of pictures of all of this, after being under for an hour and a half, and asleep for a couple more. I was in bed for a week, but recovered very quickly after that, and now I’ve only two fast-fading scars barely a quarter of an inch each.

Surgery to remove the cyst and endometriosis will take place in about a month and a half.

What will it do for me? We’re not sure. Hopefully, there will be considerably less pain. But then there’s the possibility that I also have PCOS.

I guess my charts and bloodwork over the summer didn’t look too great. My last three cycles were 37, 39, and 51 days respectively, and because my progesterone and estrogen levels were so out of wack, we’re not sure if I ovulated at all during that last cycle.

My options were to either wait until after the second surgery to further investigate the possibility of PCOS and evaluate the need for hormone replacement therapy, or to start injections of both estrogen and progesterone now to alleviate what symptoms very obviously exist. I’ve opted to wait.

In the meantime, monthly bloodwork continues, and I’m still on Vitamin B6 daily. During the luteal phase, I take fish oil, magnesium, calcium, vitamin E, flax seed, and primrose oil. I’m taking progesterone from P+3 to P+5, then again from P+7 to P+12. The reason for the break is so that my bloodwork on P+7 gives an unadulterated measure of my hormone levels. Beginning on P+13, for five days, I’m on naproxen sodium, and then alternating ibuprofen and tylenol.


As to my psychological health, which I think some may worry about, I have disturbed times, but I’ve managed to get those down to less than an hour, and they’re really not that often anymore. My doctors are optimistic about my fertility, though they do caution that my biological clock might be a bit on the relatively shorter side. It is what it is.

I’ve never been more grateful for both the 1Flesh and my SFL communities. I’d likely be in a pretty bad way psychologically without them.

And so the school year continues. And God is still in control.



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