In Conversation with God:

… since he has lavished so much grace upon us, he expects us to respond in kind – with sincere repentance of our faults, total hatred of deliberate venial sin and of all that could in any way separate us from him. Jesus always listens to us… particularly when we go to him… with a broken and contrite heart

The word ‘contrition’ comes from the Latin contritus – smashed in pieces, as of a rock… the heart hardened by sin can be said to shatter when stricken by sorrow…

The friend recalled his sins, and through fear of hell tried to weep but found he could not. He besought Love for tears, and Wisdom answered him that he ought to weep more out of reverence for his Beloved than for fear of the pains of hell, because tears shed for love please him more than those shed through fear

Contrition… gives… hope, peace and happiness…

Sincere sorrow for sin does not necessarily require having to feel sorry. Just like love, sorrow is an act of the will, not a feeling. And in the same way as one can love God deeply without any emotional reaction, one can also be truly sorry for sin without experiencing anything sentimental. Real sorrow is seen principally in the way one unhesitatingly avoids all occasions of offending God and is ready to do specific acts of penance for any infidelities committed. These are the things to help us atone for the punishment our sins deserve, to overcome bad inclinations, and to strengthen us in doing good.

ToB # 102 ~ Marriage Sacrament an Effective Sign of God’s Saving Power

Marriage—as a sacrament born of the mystery of the redemption and reborn, in a certain sense, in the spousal love of Christ and of the Church—is an efficacious expression of the saving power of God. He accomplishes his eternal plan even after sin and in spite of the threefold concupiscence hidden in the heart of every man, male and female. As a sacramental expression of that saving power, marriage is also an exhortation to dominate concupiscence (as Christ spoke of it in the Sermon on the Mount). The unity and indissolubility of marriage are the fruit of this dominion, as is a deepened sense of the dignity of woman in the heart of a man (and also the dignity of man in the heart of woman), both in conjugal life together, and in every other circle of mutual relations…

… marriage is the meeting place of eros with ethos and of their mutual compenetration in the heart of man and of woman…

  • efficacious – successful in producing a desired or intended result; effective

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