In Conversation with God:

What I tell you in the dark, utter in the light; and what you hear whispered, proclaim upon the housetops… 

In the society in which we live we will have to speak out with the certainty and firmness that truth unfailingly gives. We will have to talk about… the indissolubility of marriage… The Church’s teaching on the transmission of human life. The dignity and beauty of purity… There may be occasions when out of prudence or charity we should keep quiet. But prudence and charity are not the result of cowardice or self-comfort…

… if you are not prepared to be sincere, to look into your hearts and face up to the truth, any dialogue between us is useless…

Anyone who is afraid of looking into his conscience is afraid of looking at God…

You were reading in that dictionary the synonyms for ‘insincere’: ‘two-faced, surreptitious, evasive, disingenuous, sly.’ As you closed the book, you asked the Lord that nobody should ever be able to apply those adjectives to you… 

It is not a matter of knowing just how far we can go in saying things that are untrue before we incur a grave fault. It is a matter of hating lying in all its forms. It is a matter of telling the whole truth, and, when out of prudence or charity this cannot be done, then we will hold our tongue…


… now if my sky should fall, would you even call… don’t fill my heart with lies…

ToB #99 ~ Marriage an Integral Part of New Sacramental Economy


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