Gn 46:30

Now shall I die with joy, because I have seen thy face, and leave thee alive.

In Conversation with God:

… prudence is the love that distinguishes what helps us go towards God from what hinders us… The prudent person is not, as is so often believed, the man who shrewdly knows how to make his way in the world and make the most of it for himself. He is, rather, the one who manages to construct to whole of his life in accordance with the voice of right conscience and the demands of sound morals.

… we look for advice… from.. someone who has the right qualities… someone who wants to love God as sincerely as we do and who tries to follow him faithfully. 

… prudence of the flesh… is a false virtue that asks for more reasons and considerations before giving God what He asks of us personally. It is what causes us to worry excessively about the future, and gives us a reason for not being generous here and now. It is what always makes us find some excuse for not deciding to commit ourselves fully…

Prudence means not shunning the boldness of giving oneself and daring to become involved in God’s work…

Following Our Lord means living a life of small and great acts of madness, as is always the case where true love is concerned…. We must not be swayed by the judgment of those who do not feel themselves called, and who see everything… with eyes that are not even human, because they have what is no more than an earthly outlook, an outlook that prevents them ever getting off the ground.


… they say you’re really not somebody until somebody else loves you, well i am waiting to make somebody, somebody, soon…

ToB #98 ~ Loss of Original Sacrament Restored with Redemption in Marriage-Sacrament


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