Is 66:12 – 13

Behold I will bring upon her as it were a river of peace… As one whom the mother caresseth, so will I comfort you…

Gal 6:14

But God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ: by whom the world is crucified to me, and I to the world.

Living Liturgy for Cantors:

… people will be fed and comforted and will discover how God has acted to save and restore… evil will be destroyed, healing will come, and peace will prevail.

In Conversation with God:

… the world… desires peace and clamours for it, but it does not find it… in many nations and countries, the general situation has little to do with peace. Not that there is war, or at least what we generally understand by war, but there is certainly a lack of peace. Race struggles. Class struggles. The struggle between ideologies and political parties. Terrorism. Guerrilla warfare. Kidnap and assassination attempts. Insecurity. Riots. Disputes. Violence. Hatred which brings resentment, accusations and recriminations. ‘Peace, peace’, they say, when there is no peace…

… perhaps we are confusing peace with a quiet life… Peace, and the joy that comes with it, cannot be given by teh world.

Men are forever ‘making peace’ and forever getting entangled in wars…

… violence and injustice have their roots deep in the heart of each individual… all the disorders that men are capable of committing against God, against their brothers and against themselves, provoking far down in their consciences a rent, a deep bitterness, a lack of peace… But it is also from the human heart, from its great capacity to love, from its generosity in being willing to undergo sacrifice, that there can arise – made fruitful by Christ’s grace – feelings of fraternity and works of service… 

The whole future of peace is in our hearts… Sin managed to open a way for hatred, but not eliminate man’s capacity for loving… 

… true peace is founded on justice, on the sense of the inviolable dignity of man, on the acceptance of an indelible and desirable equality of man, on the basic principle of human brotherhood… on the respect and love due to each man… 

Regina pacis, ora pro nobis… ora pro me.


… my little heart, it longs for the kindness in your eyes…

ToB #93 ~ Christ’s Redemptive Love Has Spousal Nature


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