Mt 9:15

Can the children of the bridegroom mourn, as long as the bridegroom is with them? But the days will come when the bridegroom shall be taken away from them…

In Conversation with God:

Those people who were the first to hear the words of the Gospel of today’s Mass… were all accustomed to work in the country and they knew what happened when new wine, made from recently harvested grapes, was poured into old wineskins…

Just as the strength of the fermentation of new wine causes old receptacles to burst, so the message that Christ was about to bring to this earth was to break down all types of conventionalism, routine and inertia…

Those new wineskins – a clean and purified soul – should always be full; for empty they are devoured by moth and rust; full of grace they are preserved.

The new wine of grace needs the soul to possess certain dispositions which are being constantly renewed: determination to start time and again on the path of sanctity, which is a sign of inner youthfulness, of that youthfulness possessed by the saints… Only He can cure my wounds, for He himself has none; only He can remove sorrow from my heart, wanness from my soul… 

… there are times when we fail to love… that render the soul unfit to receive more grace and cause it to grow old.


… walks down to the waters edge and there she hangs her head to find herself faded, a shadow of what she once was, she says, “how long have i been sleeping? and why do i feel so old? why do i feel so cold?…
… your worries will never love you, they’ll leave you all alone…

ToB #92 ~ Sacredness of Human Body and Marriage

… Christ with his redemptive and spousal love ensures that the Church not only becomes sinless, but remains “eternally young.”…

Love not only unites the two subjects, but allows them to be mutually interpenetrated, spiritually belonging to one another to such a degree that the author of the letter can affirm: “He who loves his wife loves himself” (Eph 5:28). The “I” becomes in a certain sense the “you” and the “you” the “I”… In the union through love the body of the other becomes one’s own in the sense that one cares for the welfare of the other’s body as he does for his own… the husband “nourishes and cherishes” the flesh of his wife as his own…


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