Mt 8:22

But Jesus said to him: Follow me, and let the dead bury their dead.

In Conversation with God:

… the just men of the Old Testament… died without having received what was promised, but who had seen it and hailed it from afar. This is a comparison… taken from navigators at sea. When they see afar off the city they are making for, although they have not yet entered its harbour, they burst into excited cheers…

God would have forgiven everybody in the whole place out of love for ten just men! Such is the value in God’s eyes of saintly souls. He is prepared to go to any lengths for them…

… meditate today on God’s joy and delight when He sees us struggling to be faithful to him… God sets great store by those who struggle for sanctity…

For there to take place on earth, within a human soul, an act of love of God of infinite value, it was necessary that that human soul should be the soul of a divine Person. Such was the soul of the Word made flesh; its act of love acquired such a value within the divine Person of the Word, and thus was able to make infinite satisfaction and attain infinite merits…

… Jesus Christ offered to God more than was demanded as just compensation for the offences committed by the whole of mankind… this came about through the greatness of the love with which he suffered; through the dignity of the Life that he offered in satisfaction for all men… through the enormity of the pain that he suffered… The charity of the suffering of Christ was greater than the malice of those who crucified him, and because of it Christ was able, through his Passion, to make satisfaction even greater than the offence of those who crucified him… as though a doctor were to prepare a medicine by which all infirmities could be cured… 

‘Nam, et si ambulavero in medio umbrae mortis, non timebo mala’ – though I should walk through the valley of the shadow of death, no evil will I fear…

There is… the immense multitude of souls who have spent the whole of their existence giving themselves for others in the anonymity of the home, the factory, the office…

ToB #87 ~ Marital Love Reflects God’s Love for His People

… that passage from the Letter to the Ephesians cannot be correctly understood except in the full biblical context, considering it as the crowning of the themes and truths which, through the Word of God revealed in Sacred Scripture, ebb and flow like long waves. They are central themes and essential truths…


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