Michigan ~ Day 106

Is it really June?! The days are flying… I’ll be back at school again before I know it, and through with this Bachelor’s degree before I know it, and applying for grad school before I know it…

I haven’t blogged properly in a couple of weeks, so here are a bunch of random stories in no particular order:

Random Story #1

Neither Missy nor I had ever driven or ridden in a golf cart. I had given Missy the choice to either take out the trash, or bring the pig buckets to the pigs. She chose the latter. I was going to walk the trash down, but Jimmy spotted me with the trash slung over my shoulder and yelled across the fields that the golf cart was up by the garage. I loaded the trash into the golf cart and stared in bewilderment at the entire setup of the front seat. After a minute or two, I went back to the kitchen to ask if Missy knew how to operate the golf cart. She had never done so, either, but she was bent on figuring it out. I protested that she’d given the job to me. “We can both take the trash down.” After fiddling with screwdrivers and knobs, we got it to work. It didn’t sound like it was on, but it started beeping when we managed to get it into reverse. She insisted on driving it down, and I got to drive it back. Danny told us afterwards that we were a sight, one person driving and the other person half-standing, half-sitting, screaming and laughing hysterically at the sensitivity of the steering wheel, the bumpiness of the ride, and the general anti-climactic-ness of the entire experience.

Random Story #2

me: Well, I do still get a little bit of gluten every Sunday at Mass.
Scott: *wide eyes*
me: I suppose I could just receive the Blood…
Scott: Don’t they have gluten-free wafers?
me: Well, I’m sure they do in some places-
Scott: Well, couldn’t they get it for you?
me: Yeah, but Scott, does it make sense for them to stock gluten-free wafers for someone who’s only here in the summertime, and doesn’t even go to Harbor for Mass consistently?
Scott: … No, that’s offensive. I’m trying to come up with something to say that won’t offend anyone…
me: Scott. It’s ME. Just say it!
Scott: *grinning* You can’t put a cost on the Body of Christ.

Random Story #3

Scott was telling Missy that he has a ton of scrap paper that he had started saving back when he was in college. I creeped us both out slightly by telling him that I do the exact same thing…

Random Story #4

At the first Farm to Table dinner, one of our “horsey-doovrees,” as Scott calls them, was a crostini with asparagus pesto. Scott announced that he wanted to taste it. Missy said she also wanted to taste it. Apparently, Missy had grabbed one for herself before Marci took out the last tray, but Scott hadn’t gotten any. Why we were talking about having – or not having – respect for Scott, I can’t remember, but all of a sudden…

Scott: Talk about having no respect-
me: Whaaat?
Scott: She (Missy) takes a bite out of the crostini – and then hands me other half!!!
Missy: There weren’t any left and you wanted to taste it!
Scott: No thanks. You can have it.

Random Story #5

Josie, Chris, Kelsey, Kyle and I went to Legs on the 26th. Chris and I had cooked a dairy/nut/egg/gluten-free dinner for ourselves and Josie and Kelsey at the cabin, so we happily saved money and also got to Legs at a decent hour, occupied two tables between the five of us, and were happily settled in with our various drinks even before the band had set up. I was still in my nostalgic phase at the time, and my favorite part was actually the drive home. We took State and Middle home. The roads were empty and we turned the music up and had the windows open, just like the first time I drove those crazy kids home from Legs last summer. We played the Wallflowers, Blink 182, Death Cab… it was some weird mashup of Pond Hill summer love and high school bittersweet. It’s nice to have friends to enjoy long dark roads with.

Random Story #6

Our best seller here at the cafe is the kale slaw. It has shredded kale, shredded carrots, chopped peanuts, thai noodle sauce and spicy peanut sauce. I’ve never had it. Last week, Sharon made me a spicy almond sauce, and used gluten-free soy sauce! I was all set for lunch both on my way to and on my way back from Columbus. So happy =D And she made extra sauce, and I have more rice pasta at the cabin!

Random Story #7

Well, I’ve made it through three sessions of Triple Two Step and one session of Cha Cha. Traci’s back! =D She’s such an awesome teacher. Latest discovery which requires reflection: apparently, I’m good at back-and-forth resistance, or equal pressure, but not so much side-to-side. Last year, I learned to keep a certain amount of tension between myself and my partner, which is what enables me to close my eyes and follow by feeling. But that was all in a closed dance position. We have – or rather, Paul has – discovered that I offer no side-to-side resistance when in an open dance position. It’s frustrating for me, because I’m not sure how to learn to do better in that sense. More on that when I’ve had time to really think it all over.

Random Story #8

Missy is too much fun in the kitchen. She sings and raps and dances. She fits right in. It’s awesome.

Random Story #9

I started my gluten/dairy/egg-free cracker tests on Monday. I made up six different recipes, and was happy to get five very detailed evaluations from co-interns. We’ve completely eliminated three of the recipes, and the other three will go on for further experimentation.

Random Story #10

I received tapioca maltodextrin and methylcellulose in the mail. I’m waiting for silicon dioxide…

Random Story #11

Scott had taken the pulled pork out of the oven. “Oooh! Can I taste?” Scott had a spoon, which he used to get some pork, and in response to my question, ate the pork that was on that spoon. Then he handed me the spoonful of fat. “Oh… Thanks. Fat. Yeah I want to taste pork fat.” “What?! No! I was giving you the spoon to use to get pork…”

Random Story #12

Karen had a bracelet that I always complimented. This year, the second time that I saw her, she gave it to me, saying that she was purging, but that she remembered how much I loved that bracelet last year. She’s so sweet =)

Ok… more random stories next time I blog. Time to bake gluten/dairy/egg-free cookies for me and Josie!! =D


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