Michigan ~ Day 80

Ten days until the cafe opens! We’ve got our work cut out for us, but, boy, is this going to be fun.

Scott’s out for the weekend, and I had the kitchen to myself today. I’ve stocked up on some food for myself, and labels proclaiming “GLUTEN/DAIRY/EGG/NUT-FREE FOR AIS” are popping up on containers and cabinets. Everyone has been really supportive and it’s terribly good to be back. I haven’t seen much of Pat or Kelly or KK, but we’re having dinner at Sharon’s tomorrow for Mother’s Day, so that should give us some decent time to catch up.

I’m sitting in the office where it’s warmer – it’s snowing right now and freezing in cafe – and KK just came in and started singing Shout to the Lord. I can’t begin to express how at home I feel again. I was kicking myself the tiniest bit when the internship requirement was waived, but now that I’m here, I realize, of course; how could I have spent my summer anywhere else?

Tomorrow, I’m in the tasting room. I’m a little nervous about being behind the bar again, and I just tasted all of the new wines a couple of hours ago, but hey, we’ll make it happen. We have apple and apple-peach cider on tap; a new Chardonnay; we’ve still got 2011 Pinot Gris aside from the new 2012; we have three Rieslings, two from 2012, and about half a case left of the 2010 Riesling; the reds – that is, the Regatta, the Cherry Wine, and the Finale – are all the same for tomorrow, but the 2012 Regatta will be coming in, as well as another white and a red, both blends; and finally, we still have the peach mead. AAHHHHHH!!! But hey, livin’ the dream.

I’m going to go practice Kali in the cafe for a bit and then head back to the cabin before it gets much colder. Peace =)


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