Michigan ~ Day 79

I spotted Scott coming back into the kitchen out of the corner of my eye. I turned to load the dishwasher, and when I turned around, he was behind me with his arms out for a hug.

Slightly less than ten minutes earlier, Scott had been going over a prep list with me. We’d both gotten distracted, then attempted to go back to the list, but he pointed at some line on the list which didn’t make any sense to me, but he pulled out his phone wordlessly, and I understood. Scott nods and gestures and I have one-sided conversations that make perfect sense to both of us. “What else? That? Oh. Yes. You have to place an order. Go.”

And so, upon returning, Scott expressed his appreciation of my complete understanding of all of his actions.

It’s good to be back.

It really couldn’t have been any better. Scott was the first person I saw upon walking in through the door to the tasting room, and within three minutes, I was getting a tour of all the upgrades(!!!!!!!!!!) and changes and we were talking about the menu and the plan and school and oleoresins and caterings and shelving and new sinks and methyl cellulose and… everything. He seemed to catch himself after a bit and attempted to apologize for going straight to business, but what else would I want to hear about? Although Marci teased him about it later. “You’re already talking to her about work?! She just walked in!!!” “She’s been here… an hour!”

I have KJ’s old room. I’ve been trying to get on facebook to write on her wall and tell her so, but that hasn’t been working.

I’ve met the other interns that are already here – Dan, Katie, Pat, and Alise. I’m pretty sure the two girls emailed me back in, like, January, but it didn’t hit me until after I’d bid them goodnight, and I haven’t bothered to mention it yet. Anyway, they all seem like nice people.

Today started out with an attempt at a meeting with Scott. It was temporarily interrupted by Pat and Kelly walking in, followed by the absolutely necessary hugs and quick catch-up. I’m so ridiculously happy that they’re still here!! Scott and I tried to go back to our meeting, but other people came in – he wasn’t expecting them – to talk about a wedding, apparently.

And so, our talk was cut short, and I got started on prep for today’s event.

The gist of our attempted meeting was this – Scott needs to be working less. I completely agree. That being said, since it’s my second summer, he would like lunch to be my show. He hopes that I can take charge of the prep list and eventually the order list as well. In this way, he can focus on the main events and spend more time at home with his kids. I’m all for it. I’m ready and willing to do everything possible to try to have Scott work less. We’ll both be considerably happier and less stressed.

Today was just like old times. I got tipped out for the event. Incredible. I’d forgotten what that feels like. It was just me, Scott, and Jimmy. Food today included my absolute favorite bacon-wrapped liver bites. Pat walked in and I said hi and something in my face made him laugh… I’m still not sure what, but he was laughing for a while… Scott must have understood, though, because he interjected, “It’s like we haven’t missed a beat.” Sounds like a good thing… Lol.

As I predicted, my diet is easier to adhere to. Today, I made myself soup which I shared with Scott: kale, potatoes, bacon, coconut milk, lemon juice, chaat, and some tikka bbq mix.

I’m supposed to be off tomorrow, but we have a luncheon on Monday, and I want to get a headstart. Scott’s not going to be here this weekend. That makes me happy. It also makes me happy that he’s ok with me telling him that I’ll be considerably less stressed on Monday if I come in to prep tomorrow. It’ll be my kitchen.

There’s still so much I wish I could tell, but it’s getting late, and I need to finalize a prep list for tomorrow.

Pond Hill Summer v. 2.0, commence!


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