In Conversation with God:

A house is not destroyed by a momentary impulse… it is because of an old defect in its construction.. it is the prolonged neglect by its inhabitants… The result is ruin...

Because you have been my friend, the offence that you do me and the pain you cause me are… greater. If it were an enemy who slandered me I could endure it, but you… with whom I used to be so united… You have been a friend and you should still be one… Even though you do not love me, I love you…

… from afar off it is not… possible to follow Christ…

Perhaps one of his disciples went in search of the Holy Virgin and told her that they had taken her Son. And she, despite her immense pain, gave them peace in those bitter hours…


… we’re both looking for something we’ve been afraid to find, it’s easier to be broken, it’s easier to hide, looking at you, holding my breath, for once in my life i’m scared to death, i’m taking a chance, letting you inside, feeling alive all over again as deep as the sky…
… I’m losing myself just to find a place in your mind, in your mind…

ToB #72 ~ Body’s Spiritualization Will Be Source of Its Power and Incorruptibility

  • lapidary – engraved on or suitable for engraving on stone and therefore elegant and concise
  • antinomy – a contradiction between two beliefs or conclusions that are in themselves reasonable

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