ToB #63 ~ Ethical Responsibilities in Art

True and responsible artistic activity aims at overcoming the anonymity of the human body as an object “without choice.”


Mary Vitamin:

… the shadow of the Cross always fell before the eyes of Our Lady.

In Conversation with God:

The Lord asks of those who follow him… a forgiving approach and unlimited pardon. The Lord demands… a completely generous largeness of heart.

Far be it from us… to remember who has offended us, or the humiliations we have endured – no matter how unjust, how uncivil, or unmannerly they may have been – because it would not be right for a son of God to be preparing and keeping some kind of dossier from which to read off a list of grievances… I should avoid all bitterness. My heart should be… kept clean of all enmity.

Forgive us our trespasses we say… in the Our Father, as we forgive those who trespass against us.

When one is sincere with oneself… one immediately find oneself to be that servant who had no means of paying.

Excuse the intention if you are unable to excuse the action. Consider it as if done in ignorance, or unawares, or through weakness.

  • dossier – a collection of documents about a particular person, event, or subject


… hold my head inside your hands, i need someone who understands, i need someone, someone who hears, for you, i’ve waited all these years, for you, i’d wait ’til kingdom come, until my day, my day is done, and say you’ll come and set me free, just say you’ll wait, you’ll wait for me…
… i watch as the cold winter melts into spring and i’ll be remembering You, and i’ll smell the flowers and hear the birds sing and i’ll be remembering You, and i’ll watch as the sun fills a sky that was dark and i’ll be remembering You, and i’ll think of the way that You fill up my heart and i’ll be remembering You…
… stop this runaway car… if i left you there, then i left it all behind… all i’m feeling now is the weight of the world bearing down, i don’t have answers to any of my questions anymore… what a difference a day makes, i turned and watched you walk away… if you’re still there, then you’re still all i want… if we’re not that gone then we’re not that far… i might have been wrong…


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