Bede ~ Junius 11 ~ Liber I ~ Section I ~ Genesis A

They wrought no deed in heaven save right and truth, until the angel prince in pride walked in the ways of error.

Then no longer would they work their own advantage, but turned away from the love of God.

Then sorrow came upon them, envy and insolence and pride of the angel who first began that deed of folly, to plot and hatch it forth, and, thirsting for battle, boasted that in the northern borders of heaven he would establish a throne and a kingdom.

Then was God angered and wrathful against that host which He had crowned before with radiance and glory.

For the traitors, to reward their work, He shaped a house of pain and grim affliction…

Our Lord prepared this torture-house of exiles, deep and joyless, for the coming of the angel hosts.

… it lay enshrouded in eternal night… filled with woe, wrapped in fire and piercing cold, smoke-veils and ruddy flame.

… over that wretched realm He spread the brooding terror of torment…

In Conversation with God:

  • phylactery – a small leather box containing Hebrew texts on vellum, worn by Jewish men at morning prayer as a reminder to keep the law

Mary Vitamin:

Complaint to creatures is complaint. But, complaint to God is adoration… Our Lady brought all of the suffering of the three days’ loss directly to the Lord… the loss of Jesus was the crucifixion of her soul: her complaint was her cry upon the Cross, just when the torment of the Cross was ending…


… a strangled smile fell from your face, it kills me that i hurt you this way, the worst part is that i didn’t even know, now there’s a million reasons for you to go, but if you can find a reason to stay, i’ll do whatever it takes to turn this around, i know what’s at stake, i know that i’ve let you down, and if you give me a chance, believe that i can change, i’ll keep us together, whatever it takes… if we’re gonna make this work, you gotta let me inside even though it hurts, don’t hide the broken parts that i need to see… like it or not, it’s the way it’s gotta be, you gotta love yourself if you can ever love me… if you give me a chance, and give me a break, i’ll keep us together, i know you deserve much better, but remember the time i told you the way that i felt, that i’d be lost without you and never find myself, let’s hold onto each other above everything else, start over, start over…

ToB #58 ~ Positive Function of Purity of Heart

… Christ’s words are realistic. They do not try to make the human heart return to the state of original innocence, which man left behind him at the moment when he committed original sin. On the contrary, they indicate to him the way to a purity of heart which is possible and accessible to him even in the state of hereditary sinfulness.

  • sapiential – of or relating to wisdom

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