In Conversation with God:

… the numbing of consciences, their indifference to good and evil… are a great threat for man… they are also a great threat for society, because… the level of morality of society depends on the human conscience.

… light… enables us to distinguish good from evil; it enables us to seek forgiveness and find our way back to the true path if we have lost sight of it. The Church offers us the means, but she does not exempt us from the effort required to use these means responsibly.

Whoever has the mission of proclaiming great things… is also under obligation to practise them.


… there’s a song that’s inside of my soul, it’s the one that i’ve tried to write over and over again, i’m awake in the infinite cold, but You sing to me over and over again… sing to me the song of the stars, of Your galaxy dancing and laughing and laughing again, when it feels like my dreams are so far, sing to me of the plans that You have for me over again… i give You my apathy, i’m giving You all of me, i want Your symphony singing in all that i am, at the top of my lungs i’m giving it back… i lay my head back down and i lift my hands and pray to be only Yours… i know now You’re my only hope…

ToB #57 ~ The Pauline Doctrine of Purity as Life According to the Spirit


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