Mary Vitamin:

Our Lady did not say: My name is the Immaculate Conception or  I am she who is immaculately conceived. She simply said: I am the Immaculate Conception. The manner of prayer shown by Our Lady at  Lourdes  confirms Her statement. Because Mary is the Immaculate Conception, Our Lady’s entire being gives glory to God. She is unable to do anything but give glory to God. At  Lourdes , Our Lady prayed the Rosary with St. Bernadette, She did not pray the Our Father; She doesn’t need daily bread or forgiveness. She did not pray the Hail Mary; She is the one being addressed in the Hail Mary. But She did pray the Glory be to the Father, because She will never miss an opportunity to give glory to God.

In Conversation with God:

… one of the fruits of a mortified soul is just this capacity to relate to God and other people, and also a profound peace, even in the midst of tribulation and external difficulties. The person who abandons mortification is inevitably ensnared by his senses and becomes incapable of any supernatural thought.

  • pusillanimous – showing a lack of courage or determination; timid


… let me see redemption win, let me know the struggle ends, that you can mend a heart that’s frail and torn, i wanna know a song can rise from the ashes of a broken life and all that’s dead inside can be reborn, ’cause i’m worn…
… when my heart is like a stone and i’m running far from home, remind me who i am… when i can’t receive Your love, afraid i’ll never be enough, remind me who i am… if i’m Your beloved, can You help me believe it…

ToB #46 ~ Power of Redeeming Completes Power of Creating


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