Nicholson’s, Finally!

For some reason or another – I think it was weather-related – my section of Mixology never got to go on a field trip to Nicholson’s. Marybeth’s did, and she insisted that I had to make it there at some point. Well… we planned on going for my 21st birthday, but of course, I got sick, and we never got around to going. Thus, our plans to go to Nicholson’s were postponed… for over a year.

But hey! Better late than never, and Marybeth and I wanted to have our February restaurant adventure before entering into Lent, so we went out for lunch on the 11th.

I want to say right off the bat that what I enjoyed most about the entire experience – aside from the ambience – was the service. Our server was attentive, but not pushy, and didn’t rush us at all. We were there for just about two hours, and were able to very happily savor both food and conversation.

Marybeth went with a beer which tasted like banana bread (oh. em. gee.), and I have consequently been spoiled by their shandy and will never, ever, ever buy canned Summer Shandy again… Although I only did that this past summer because I was tired of Sam Adams and did have any way of getting my hands on any Yuengling. Anyway.


We stayed within this column and were very glad that we did. We ordered the Parm Duck Fat Fries, the Bread Board, the Mac & Cheese, the Crab Cakes, and the Calamari Fries, split everything, and both brought home leftovers.


Maybe I shouldn’t have posted this picture first… The bread board pretty much stole the show due to the pork butter and house-made strawberry jam. We discovered that these go together incredibly. (Much like bacon and cream cheese on a blueberry bagel.) We agreed that we could have made a meal of that [house-baked] bread, pork butter, and strawberry jam. We did not touch the whipped butter or the olive oil.

The Parmesan Duck Fat Fries were almost as remarkable – I say almost, because I am, of course, incredibly biased towards our Truffle/Parm Pomme Frites at Daveed’s. Those were just… killer. Jason and I talk about those all the time…


The crab cakes were delicious, though not necessarily mind-blowing. What did make a very positive impression on us both was the salad, which appeared to have a rather excessive amount of old bay aioli poured on top, but which actually was perfectly acceptable, and quite delicious with the arugula and what I suspect was tomato concasse. We cleared that plate first. I would have been perfectly happy with just that salad and the bread board.


The kitchen did not have lobster – the only thing that I would be tempted to knock them on, since our reservation was at 11:30 and they open at 11. It seemed a little early in both the day and the week to be out of something… but ok. They asked if we would be alright with crab mac & cheese, and we both agreed that it was delicious, but that it definitely would have been even more so with lobster. Also, it was a little much; a couple of bites satisfied one’s interest.

The calamari fries were also good, and we were frankly a little late in getting to them, so they probably would have been even better if we’d had them first.


We were both full, but agreed that we really couldn’t not have dessert on the Monday before Lent. We went with the Pot de Creme. Delicious. But…


… the coffee drinks were even better. Marybeth had a Foggy Sunshine, and I had a B-52, which I rather belatedly remembered was what I had originally spotted on the menu as the first drink that I wanted to order for myself on my 21st.


We also had fun with the camera feature that I had discovered where you can preset the frame…


That was a big bite, and entirely unintentional. You really didn’t need the whipped cream. It was perfect on its own.


We walked around downtown a bit and took the picture above at the library. In planning our future monthly restaurant trips, we determined that a spreadsheet was absolutely necessary. Now that the spreadsheet exists… we have discovered that we have enough restaurants on our must-go-to list to last us for the next two and a half years at least, assuming that we do continue to go out every month.

Marybeth suggested that we do twice a month for a while after I get back from Michigan to make up for the four months that I’ll be gone…


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