Did I mention that we have a new tandoor? I mean, it was the one we had outside, but the other one is gone somewhere – I never really figured out where – and we brought this one in, and IT HAS A GRATE. This is a big deal, because it means the oven can be brought up to a higher temperature without higher flames that then lick more aggressively at our arms. And it is an especially big deal to me, because it has enabled me to work middle.

Chef had meetings today, so while Jason prepped for tomorrow’s Bubbly Dinner, Matt worked saute and fryer, while I worked garde and the tandoor. I only lost one naan tonight, and Jason only had to bail me out once. The bailing out consisted of stuffing/rolling out two naans and a roti, and firing two while I fired proteins. He was there for, like, five minutes. BOOM.

I am ridiculously excited for tomorrow’s dinner. We’re up to 40, and we’ll have the full crew. Plus, it’s Matt’s birthday. I guess that means I better count on being out late.


See the flyer and the menu below:

282473_501936653172680_1157700847_n 382151_504733409559671_2051337585_n


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