Which is better: Traditional or Online Schooling?

It depends.

It is important to find the learning style that best reaches the student. Consider, also, that the best method for a single student may vary from subject to subject.

Online schooling is a good choice for students who are easily distracted by other people, or that need more time than other students to internalize information. With the computer at hand, multiple representations and explanations of a single concept are available to the student, who may need a number of examples for the information to be solidified.

One of the aspects of learning that a traditional school setting offers, which an online setting cannot or is very limited in, is competition. Some students are very competitive, and find motivation in measuring their progress against others.

There may be circumstances which necessitate online schooling over traditional schooling, and vice versa, such as financial reasons. It may be difficult for the student to obtain all the technology necessary to school online from home. In another situation, the technology may be more easily available to the student than the use of a car. It becomes necessary for the student to adapt.

As technology progresses, online schooling has more to offer which moves it closer conceptually to a traditional school setting. For example, it is now possible to video chat with your instructors and classmates. There are tablets which allow both the student and instructor to view each other’s handwriting, computations, and drawings in real-time.

Sometimes, it is the subject itself which determines the learning style. Subjects which require a very hands-on approach would be difficult to hold online.

In all cases, the students strengths and weaknesses regarding any potential approach should be identified early on in the course, addressed, and supplemented appropriately.


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