Covington? … Okay… !

There is once again that rhythm to the days which is, as far as I can tell at present, not sinfully complacent, but comfortable because it is steady, pushing me to stay productive and organized – although one look at my room may make you question my success in the latter.

While week-to-week, my schedule is never quite the same due to UC Chorus concerts and dress rehearsals, work, and holidays [among a great many other things], my general schedule this semester has consisted of Mass, FRESH or HomeLIFE, homework, family time, school, work, weekend post-work adventures, and sporadic as-time-allows-and-God-willing catch-up time with all my favorite MCI family and homescoolers.

It’s so nice.

Bigger words wouldn’t capture just how nice it all is, anyway.

It’s the little changes and the things that cause them week-to-week that have helped me to resign myself to the length of the semester.

And the adventures. There is no end to the adventures. I love it.

Monday was so-so.

I wasn’t needed at work on Tuesday – which never happens, mind.

Paco came with me to my dress rehearsal, and then we headed over to a friend’s house to meet up with the rest of the fam and other families that are very near and dear to us. Good conversation, food, beer, wine, and lots of lovely children around helped ease the tension of the election. We got home at about midnight.

Yena cried, and my own tears were prompted by hers right before I went to my room; I was too shocked to really cry otherwise. Tears were swiftly dried by anger. I recorded a cover and went to bed.

Mike had canceled rehearsal for Wednesday and encouraged us to rest, so I enjoyed another day at home. It was a relief.

The initial shock-and-grieve period was relatively short. By late afternoon, I was able to laugh again.

My siblings really put everything into perspective. Paco and Migi switched to warrior mode, Yena was being her usual very lambing self, and oblivious Nino just keeps on going.

I wasn’t needed for prep, so Mom and Yena and I stopped by Mt. Adams on our way to UC so that I could give Chef his ticket. Chef was feeling under the weather =( and had been having nothing but rice porridge all day. Matt and Jason said he hadn’t been on the line much at all the day before, and didn’t expect him to be around much on that night either.

Chef didn’t make it to the concert that night. But Cory came halfway through, and Nathan stopped by on his way home to say hi. They made my night =)

We made it through Haydn’s Drinking Chorus!!!! It turned out so much better than I think any of us could have hoped or anticipated. And Beethoven was just incredible. I’m pretty sure we just all wanted to rush up and give Sujin a big hug.

On Thursday, the seniors and super seniors went on our field trip for our marketing class. It was interesting, but I really don’t want an office job in this industry… It didn’t help that I was extremely sleepy. I slept afterwards, got lunch, went to an appointment, and then headed to work.

Chef wasn’t feeling any better, and Jason was sick as well. “Basically you two [by which he meant me and Matt] are working with two sick ******* today.” “Great.” “No, it’s not great.” I don’t even remember if we succeeded in kicking Jason out. He kept calling me “Mom” just because I was telling him to go rest and drink lots of fluids. Bah.

I’m really sorry that Jason and Chef weren’t feeling well, but Matt and I had a fairly good time on the line. And Mike’s started calling me his “bff.” Oh geeze. Matt and Mike like to ruin my singing. For example, I was singing Audrey Assad’s Wherever You Go, which, you know, isn’t a secular love song, but of course it’s open to interpretation, because every true love song is a song to God, and vice versa. The point is, I got to the lines, “Fathers and mothers don’t always come through, but I’m never gonna stop following you. You know, prophets and lovers don’t always hold true, but I’m never gonna stop falling for you,” and Matt interrupts with, “Gee, Ais, I never knew you felt that way about me.”

That was a few weeks back. This week, in response to a song in the same genre, “Yeah, Ais, that’s how I feel, too, I just couldn’t ever bring myself to tell you.” And then Mike on this particular Thursday night decided to tell me that I could sing to him “any time, any day,” and then asked if I liked Disney princesses and requested A Whole New World and said he’d sing it with me. I groaned and pseudo-retched. That was my cue to go downstairs and clean up. Ridiculous people.

On Friday, I believe we did succeed in kicking Jason out and insisting that he go home and sleep. Chef was feeling well enough to work the line with us. And in fact, he was well enough to convince me and Matt to come to Yesterdays, play a game of 8-ball, and then, somehow, go to the Waffle House in Covington at, like, 1 in the morning. I’m still not entirely sure how that happened at all.

It was OM Saturday, and I was so excited, I brought my jeans. But even with all four of us on the line, somehow, Murphy’s law just… hit us. Everything that could possibly go wrong went wrong. Between the tandoor getting really small and a crazy number of naans being rung in all at the same time, and then Chef and Jason both still feeling semi-sick, Jason moreso than Chef… it was a bad service night all around, and Rachel and I didn’t get to dance after all. The only really good thing about Saturday night was Anna Moi dropping in for a glass of wine or two and getting to catch up with her. I made it home a lot earlier from this OM Saturday than the last one.

I had to go make lecheflan on Sunday morning, though. And that little trip to work revealed that Jason and I had done a really crappy job of cleaning up the night before. How it happened, I have no idea, but one trash can had spilled, and I had to clean that up as soon as I got in. Jason and I had left eggplant out and the heat lamp on, among other things. Not good. Not cool. *sigh*

Anyway, I met with the family for noon Mass, and found that we had adopted Sam and Jacob for the hour =) When we line up to receive Our Lord, we always line up by age, and so we always end up out of the original order that we were sitting in. This still applied with Sam and Jacob, and they had been sitting on the end on Paco’s other side, and there was just something so beautiful about coming back to the pew, and having the three good and faithful OA members standing in a line, waiting for the rest of us to file in. Just lovely. And heartening, after such a week.

We spent some time talking to our dearest friends after Mass – the Ridenours, the Wurths, Fr. Matt… mGbp for all the love with which He surrounds us. After all the catching up, we relinquished Sam and Jacob to their mother, and went to Budina for a late lunch. That night, we finally watched Batman Begins as a family. Win =) The boys liked it as much as I did.

Monday was spent at home for the holiday, mostly note-taking for the super short wine paper that didn’t do any justice to the subject. That paper was supremely frustrating. I wanted to say so much! I still had another three or four pages of notes that I could have used. Maddening.

My first task on Tuesday was a delivery to P&G. I called Dad to figure out which building it was, and was earlier than I anticipated because of it. Yay, contacts =)

Wednesday, I ended up having to come in to make lecheflan. With 96 eggs. I told Chef it would be more cost effective to get cartons of yolks, since at Daveed’s, we’d been using the whites for mousse.

We tasted ice cream in class that night and talked about overrun and tiers and such with regards to vanilla flavoring.

Jared had texted a little before I left work to say that Metropole was having an industry night starting at 2230 the next day.

I didn’t have work yesterday. That was weird. I totally wasn’t expecting it after the wine dinner, but apparently it went very well and the prep list was very short.

I left at around 9 to meet Martha at Maribelle’s before heading to Metropole. Maribelle’s had had an early night, and they were all cleaned up by the time I arrived. We chit-chatted for a bit before heading downtown.

Metropole is… well, gorgeous, to put it mildly. The front line is beautiful. Everything is properly stored and clearly labeled in the walk-in which you can see into. Jared pointed out the sausages they’d made, hanging behind the bar, and jars of pickled produce on the shelves. I ran into a number of persons that I never would have expected to see, and ended up leaving at just past midnight. I have a hunch that Jared ruins pics with him purpose =P but I received hugs, so I guess I won’t complain…

We’d been briefly introduced to our new music for the Feast of Carols in choir practice on Wednesday, and today we focused on Riu Riu Chiu and the Ave Maria. The text of the latter poses no problem for me, of course, but unfortunately, it irks me that people make more of an effort to pronounce Spanish properly, as opposed to when faced with ecclesiastical Latin. C’mon people. Gratia plena isn’t that hard. Blaaaahhhh.

In Anthropology of Food, we were supposed to look over magazines and check out the food ads and make notes on stuff… the whole assignment was ridiculously easy after the field trip to Kroger last week.

Jason was off today, and the whole of service was fine until the very, very end. It was something like the last three tickets when we semi-lost what perfect momentum we’d had. Bleh. Still, the frustration only lasted for a bit. Overall, it was a good night tonight, with plenty of laughs. I made the mistake of being nice and calling Mike “bff” back, and he made a big fuss over me reciprocating – although, I have to say, I appreciated the use of ‘reciprocate’ which I’m sure certain others, had they been present, would have objected to on the ground of it being a ‘big word’ – and somehow the comment ended, “… friends… next comes marriage.” I choked. “What??” I demanded. “Matt, help me out here!” Matt wasn’t any help. “Dude, back off, that’s my future wife. Leave her alone.” Fail.

We actually didn’t go out tonight. Lol. But we did sit around and some of them had shots, and I had a wine well worth recording. 2011 Chenin Blanc, Sula Vineyards in Nashik, India, 12.5%abv. It was full-bodied, very smooth and round in the mouth, but that being said, I was surprised that the esters weren’t of riper fruits. I got a lot of stone fruits, but very clearly white, like white peach. Some mango in there as well, but while not green mango, it wasn’t very ripe mango, either. Lovely. I think I like it better than the Cava. Matt liked it, too, and he hadn’t liked the Kabinett Riesling from the last wine dinner, so I predict that Matt’s an Auslese/Spatlese-type of guy when it comes to Rieslings. “Ais. Speak English. This is ‘Meurica!” *sigh*

Chef had his hand over his eyes when Matt and Mike went off on some idea that he should speak with an Indian accent for the whole of tomorrow. I offered to join him and speak with a Pinay accent. That didn’t really help. Lol.

It is now… 0224. Here’s to a great day tomorrow =)



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