Wine Within Reach

A lengthier article, but one to be revisited, I think, especially over the course of next semester and closer to when I head back to Michigan. All of the sections are introduced with a general In/Out:

  • IN: Smart Splurges / OUT: Trophy Wines
  • IN: Natural Character / OUT: Bombs
  • IN: Interesting Whites and Rosés / OUT: Red-Focused, with Some Chardonnay
  • IN: Multi-Format Service / OUT: Exclusive Bottle Service
  • IN: Socially Responsible / OUT: Social Branding
  • IN: Broadly Pairable Wines and Foods / OUT: Precise Wine Pairings
  • IN: List / OUT: Library
  • IN: Show / OUT: Tell
  • IN: Taste / OUT: Read
  • IN: Food-Friendly Varietals / OUT: Wine-Friendly Food

The apparently exponential growth in demand for unoaked Chardonnay does not surprise me, but then neither did the carafes, which I saw more in Italy than the bottle service in which we’re trained.


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