A “different breed of human being.”

This post promises to be brief, as class begins soon, but it really is worth recording the latest… compliment… which I received at work, which is the title of this post. Matt had stated very vaguely that I was “different,” and when I prompted him to elaborate, that was his response. And it had absolutely nothing to do with Jason’s, “Are you from this planet????” question in response to my own inquiry as to the definition of inner tubing, which he had previously mentioned in one of his emails this summer.

The day that I staged, Lauren had commented on the size of a bowl that I had handed to her, and I gave a brief, but I though entirely appropriate, explanation. She paused and gave me a funny look, then said, “Ok, Jason.” “What?” “It’s just something Jason would do.” She had no further comment. Then, this past Thursday, Matt and Chef and I were debating the reality of multi-tasking – just google “multitasking is a myth” for the side of the argument that I took – and finally, I just went with, “Enough. We’re never going to agree on this.” “That’s such a Jason answer,” observed Chef.

I wish everyone would stop accusing me of emulating others and accept that I’m being myself. (And please understand, I type that while half-laughing, though also shaking my head in exasperation.) I mean, c’mon, nowadays it’s Jason, but there was that one time that Jared asked me, “Are you Rob today?” just because my *bleargh* mood one day was the complete and total opposite of my *something akin to slaphappy* mood the day before. At least I knew exactly what Jared meant, but this Jason stuff bewilders me.

Not going to lie: Thursday was not my day service-wise. I’m still trying to figure out why I wasn’t all there; the only thing I’ve come up with so far is the general brutality of midterms week, and I know full well that that’s just lame. It wasn’t pretty.

Friday and Saturday were better, but I’m still tired. I really hope it’s just the weather, and not that it’s now the 9th week of school, which is when I would normally be dealing with finals and looking forward to a new schedule instead of 7 more weeks of the same. After terms [and quarters], semesters seem so terribly unforgivable.

On the bright side, I suppose, is that our Monday night classes are numbered. Due to UC holidays and whatnot, we’ve only got class every other week between now and the end of the semester, or something nice like that.

So, Josh went to University of Scranton – which is Jesuit. Nice, and maybe the tiniest bit weird, to be able to talk about Scranton/Wilkes Barre/Clarks Summit/Dickson City with familiarity at work.

We’ve a wine dinner on Wednesday, and I’ll be sad to miss it, but I hope I’ll at least get to help with prep in between classes.


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