Michigan ~ Day 75

These last days are slipping by… The tasting room was calm and steady for the most part. We had some sort of meeting that started here at 1600, and they wanted the tasting room to stay open until 1900, but that was the only part of the day that felt a little harried. Pat and Jimmy and Chris all came in to help out by turns; Pat took care of some tastings while I was pouring for the meeting, Jimmy was washing and polishing glasses, and Chris stayed to polish some glasses, beatbox, spar, and dance. Technically Chris was done for the day, and he was supposed to be there just to buy some wine, but somehow he ended up behind the bar entirely of his own volition.

I was counting out the drawer, and I dropped all the credit card slips, and Scott, grinning widely and trying not to laugh, came over to help pick them up and tell me that he missed me already. I promptly dropped them all again once Scott was back in the kitchen. Good times.

I’m finding cuts on my fingers and I have no idea where they’re from. I haven’t handled a knife in over 24 hours and I’m pretty sure they all started stinging well after I put my knives away for the last time, so… *shrug*

KJ and Chris and I enjoyed a partial dinner downstairs. It’s been really exciting watching the lower level of the cabin come together over the course of the summer, but it’s so sad that we’re only now enjoying the full kitchen together in this last week. All three of us prefer cooking downstairs, and we couldn’t help commenting on how fun it would have been for the three of us to be sharing that kitchen all summer, like we did the one time at Sharon’s house in my first week.

Chris and I went over to Jimmy and Marci’s for [the rest of] dinner and a drink. They had friends of theirs over, and I got to hold a five-month old girl!!! =D =D =D Of course, that made my night. She was such a happy little darling. Jill also came over, and she and Chris and I all headed back to the cabin together to light a fire. Chris wanted to race, and he thought he’d beat me, but he went through the fields and I went out the side gate, which I knew would be open, and he caught up to me at the front gate, which was closed. He honked as I passed =P Muaha.

We’ve been talking all summer about using the fire pit. We finally got around to it, on Chris and Jill’s last night. The lights were all out in the cabin, and KJ came out to join us. We jammed some John Mayer, Lifehouse, Nelly Furtado, Dashboard Confessional, chatted things up, told some last long stories… KK came home at around 11 and joined us. It is now 2357, and we’ve all said goodnight. Jill leaves tomorrow morning and Chris is leaving directly after the market in Charlevoix. We’ve said our goodbyes and hugged things out and discussed possible reunions and road trips. We’re adults now, right? We can plan on seeing each other again someday with a little more certainty, yes? On our calendar is a five-year reunion. If everything works out, we’ll have a bottle of 2011 Regatta Red to celebrate the occasion.


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