Michigan ~ Day 73

We must have been a sight to Brian this morning. Brittany, Chris, and Jimmy all had fly swatters, I had the blowtorch, and we just started counting. “Are you torching them or torturing them?? Or both?” I got to 26 before Jimmy decided to officially start morning meeting, assuring Brian that, “We don’t start every morning meeting like this.” “Oh, you should.”

The line was mine today. Kelly had to come and bail me out during the one wave that does inevitably come through, but we only did just under $600. Scott and KJ were both off, and it felt quiet, and a little strange, being entirely in charge of my prep list.

Jill invited me to dinner at the Pier with Kelsey and two friends, one of whom happened to be the intern who is starting this Thursday. I had escargot, calamari, and frog’s legs. And the five of us had a decent number of sangrias between the five of us, which was highly amusing when it came up on our combined check.

The girls invited me to come over after dinner, but I got a letter from Marv today, and I wanted to write back and also finish my letter to Michelle. I am determined to use up that whole packet of stamps, and after these two letters, I have ONE left, and four days to use it.


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