Michigan ~ Day 72

My last day off. My last day fishing, too, I think. I caught my salmon and I’m happy.

I slept the rest of the morning away, went to Mass at 11, and sat behind a beautiful family with 6 kids, somewhere between the ages of 11 and 1, I would guess. I had to voice my appreciation, and it warmed my heart to hear and see other parishioners doing the same.

One last visit to the Mackinaw Trail Winery in Petoskey directly after Mass, bought a bottle for Mama (I hope you like it, Mama =D), then to Cutlers for some life investments and some knife kit necessities, and finally to Meijer for some ingredients. Back to the farm, a little shopping in our farm store, and then I spent some time making white chocolate mousse and lecheflan.

I took it easy for the rest of the afternoon, sat in the cafe, tried to catch up on Bad Catholic, started a letter to Michelle, took care of school stuff… ran back to the cabin to grab desserts, then joined everyone at Sharon’s for a byebye party. It was for Jake, Jill, Chris, and myself, but mostly for Jake, who leaves tomorrow.

The Lion King was on during dinner, which was delicious. I think one of the most obvious effects of culinary school is that I now prefer my meat medium rare, and God forbid that it should be the tiniest bit overdone =D Lol.

I didn’t talk much when we were outside. It was nice to just sit and listen to everyone else interacting. The Lion King was on during dinner. Mom and Mama [and Jared], I’m happy to report that the lecheflan was completely gone, and the white chocolate mousse was almost all gone, and is promised to be gone by the time I ship out.


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