Michigan ~ Day 71

I apologize for the shortness of my posts these days. Plenty happens, but I think it’s partly because I’m denial, as if not sitting down and spending time writing would lengthen my time left here. Maybe that’s why half-finished letters have also been neglected. I fully intended to use a whole packet of stamps before leaving here…

I’m lucky to love what I do, even if we have our rough days, but you know how there are those people that just make work seem that much less like work just by being around? Things just seem so quiet without Josie. Not in an overly oppressive way, just in a sort of sobering way.

It doesn’t really help that my pragmatic side is starting to kick in, and I’ve begun packing. We were supposed to go to the festival in Petoskey tonight, but Emma and JJ are sick, and I suppose the rest of us didn’t really feel like going with Jimmy and Marci, so I cleaned out the car and started separating things I’ll need for the last week from everything I won’t need till I get back home. I’ve started a back-to-school to-do list. Fall events are popping up on Facebook, and I’m actually starting to pay attention to them. When-are-we-going-to-hang-out-and-catch-up messages have been sent to various dearest friends. I’m starting to feel restless again, like I usually do at the more blatant endings of life chapters.

And I have nothing to say, except that there’s still so much I want to do before this is all over…


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