Michigan ~ Day 70

70 days since I was home. Crazy.

I walked to the top of the vineyards to get decent reception so that I could call Trip before work started and find out if he was still alive. I left him a message, and then started making my way down back to the cafe, when here he is in front of me making his way up the hill. Well met, sir, well met indeed. I found out afterwards that his phone had died.

Introductions were made as interns stopped in at the cafe. I have no idea what Trip did while I was at work, but he said he was able to sleep, and he came in for lunch. I’m not sure what he did between lunch and dinner, either, but he showed up at 7 for the barn dance.

We did $800 for lunch – so I guess things have slowed down as Jimmy said they would – and then Scott left at around 5 for a private catering gig. It was the usual barn dance menu – brats, pulled pork, potato salad, garden salad, corn, baked beans – and he’d pretty much given KJ and myself a free reign on the salads. Everybody said it went well, and certainly KJ and I weren’t stressed out at all. We even had time to go out for the first two dances, and we were still out of the kitchen before 2200. All the other interns and servers were constantly checking in on us, making sure we were doing ok, wanted to know if we needed anything…

Chris: See, Ais, I’m pretending to be Tim. “Do you need anything, Ais?”

That didn’t help xP We already miss Tim enough as it is… And KJ and I tried to take a picture of our sad faces to send to Josie and show her how much we miss her, but I wasn’t getting service on my phone. Fail.


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