Michigan ~ Day 69

Phew… what a long day. It was storming like crazy, and I was actually cold. The tasting room was fairly slow until the worst part of the storm started, and then I got slammed to the point of needing both Chris and Jake to bail me out. We went through almost all the glasses. I’m pretty sure we actually would have if Chris hadn’t pulled Jake in to wash some glasses.

Chris stuck around and helped me actually get out before 7.

I went to Meijer to shop for dinner stuffs… Scott gave me sushi rice in compensation for some of the extra hours I’ve worked, and I wanted avocado to put in my sushi. I was racking my brains for what else to put in, since I have no idea where to get sushi-grade fish around her, and landed on spam. Go on and hate, haters, but spam and avocado sushi is delicious. And I was totally expecting some hatin’ from my co-interns if they caught me… but I didn’t get any, even though a few of them did walk in on my cooking spree; I also baked off the rest of the gluten-free cookies I’d started some days ago. After the first test batch, Chris had suggested I add some more fat to the recipe which I got from Amy; that turned out very well.

Cooking downstairs is so much fun!! Yeah, did I mention that we have a completely operational kitchen on the lower floor now?

Ok, sorry to rant a bit, but one of the things I miss most about Josie was that she learned everything she possibly could about other aspects of service so that she could help herself whenever possible/necessary. For example, she learned what the proper pours were for the tastings and glasses of wine and cider respectively, so that instead of coming to the bar and letting us know what she needed, she would come pour what her tables needed herself. It is entirely appropriate of Scott to describe Josie as the one who “always has her sh*t together.” There are more eloquent ways of putting it, but in a nutshell, it’s one of Josie’s most admirable qualities.


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