Michigan ~ Day 68

Happy Feast Day everyone!!!

The kids and I started the day off with Mass, and I was very happy to have a chance to introduce my siblings to Fr. Joe.

After Mass, we had breakfast at Roast & Toast. We tried to chat with Mom, but the internet was incredible [which I found surprising].

The kids all seemed really tired, and all three slept most of the way to Mackinaw. We missed the 1100 ferry by 30 seconds =P but that’s ok, the wait seemed pretty short, because Paco started teaching us a new beat, ‘sevens.’ The kids loved the ferry ride and said that they hoped they could take Mom and Dad next weekend.

Once on Mackinaw, we rented two tandem bikes and started off in the opposite direction than I went when I went by myself. We had a bit of a rocky start, but once we got the hang of it, it was tons of fun. Yena and I lead, and Paco and Migi followed. We stopped a few times for pictures. I was close to saying we should turn around, when we found the slightly-less-than-halfway stop at 3.5 miles.

For the other 4.5 miles, the boys were singing nonstop. I couldn’t help laughing the whole way; they’re so much fun! It was a song about having sixpence to last one for the rest of their life, and only having so much to send back to their wife. Hilarious. Yena joined in at the last line of the chorus, which was, “POOR WIFE!” adding a little accent and making me laugh even more.

When we got back to the city, we finished off our island visit with some souvenir shopping.

The kids slept again for most of the way to Legs Inn. We only had a few minutes wait for a table outside. Yena had her new pack of cards of Mackinaw and taught us how to play 31 while waiting food. We gambled sugar packets, which was brilliant on Yena’s part. Paco was talking in Batman-voice all throughout dinner.

We stopped in at the farm to change, then met Jimmy and Chris in Harbor at 7. I caught a lake trout that was ridiculously small, so we threw it back. The boys sadly lost a large salmon, but Paco got one that he’s taking home =) It was a beautiful night for fishing; the water was perfectly calm and we got to watch the sunset.

I took the kids out to Boyne and then came straight back here to the farm; I figured it would be easier to sleep in tomorrow if I was in my own bed and didn’t have to figure on an hour drive back before work.

It’s been a long day, but so worth everything we got to do!! I can’t wait for the family to come pick me up =)


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