Michigan ~ Day 67

Here we go again. It’s always easier to leave than to be left behind.

The cafe really isn’t the best place to try and get away from missing Josie and Tim. I keep expecting Tim to pop in and ask if I need anything picked. And I can’t get used to service without Josie.

I guess I was preoccupied. I don’t really recall anything particularly documentary-worthy about service except that Scott and I started our bickering again a little later in the afternoon, and Kelly interjected, “Oh NO. Not this dynamic again…!!!” Apparently we’ve scarred Pat for life with our antics.

Scott asked if I’d have a hard time leaving. If I didn’t have plans for this evening, I probably would have had an extremely difficult time not sticking around and working the dinner just for the heck of it. Scott’s right; I’m addicted to the kitchen.

Which reminds me, Scott says I can quote him on the fact that he was saying ‘dude, man’ years ago. So, HAH to Josh and everyone else who has teased me about it, but especially Josh =P

Immediately after work, I headed to Boyne Highlands to watch the Young Americans at their summer dinner theater. Mr. Smith and and others in his family were Young Americans, and now, their kids carry on a beautiful tradition. The Young Americans make hot and cold appetizers and a three-course meal, serve both, and perform throughout the entire evening. They split their time between serving and performing. They are only paid $10 a night for two hours of serving; everything else they do is paid out in evenly split tips, and their dinner theater runs 6 nights a week.

The Young Americans are an incredible group of people that I cannot possibly do justice to. Their positivity, poise, talent, generosity… I’ve been blessed to have been exposed to and interact with some pretty amazing people in various exceptional organizations, but these kids strike me as ones who just might beat all. If these kids persevere in their current path and become the future teachers of America, I’m that much less worried. These kids will move mountains. They already are. I tried to take videos; we’ll just have to see how they turn out, with the lighting not being ideal for me position. I want to try and get out there again for one of their shows before I leave.

The kids came back to the farm with me, and they’re sleeping here tonight. Paco and Migi are in Tim’s old room, and Yena is with me =) We’re going to have an AWESOME day tomorrow…


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