Michigan ~ Day 66

Not a good beginning to today at all. Scott walked in and in response to my prep list for service, “Do what you want, f*cking 86 it all if you have to, I don’t care,” and walked away.

That was new.

He didn’t want to talk about prep after service, and he didn’t want to know my game plan for prepping before service. He headed towards the office muttering something about being over 14 hour work days and still being behind. Jimmy was clearly bewildered, and had not realized that Scott had had a catering event last night. *Yikes.*

Jimmy pulled Pat and Kelly from the canning kitchen to help me out, but since Scott had not communicated menu changes to me – and the menu had not yet been reprinted – Scott had to come in and correct all the things I’d made priorities. We went on for a bit in this love-to-hate-you way, to the point where Scott made some remark that made me go, “Not today, Scott.” “What? Did you seriously just tell me ‘not today?’ Did you seriously just say that out loud??” “Yes.” I tried not to make it sound too defiant.

Within an hour, everything was alright again. Hugs fix many things. While Pat and Kelly were temporarily gone from the kitchen, Scott came over and asked, “Do you think they were freaked out?” “What?” “Well, no, I mean, not freaked out, but, you know, you and I are ok, like the whole love-to-hate-you thing for a little while there was actually fun and we’re fine, but don’t you think they were a little… turned… off?” “Ehh… Ok, maybe.”

Kelly worked cold side, and then the three of us blew Scott away by knocking out a prep list I’d put together that he insisted could not be finished before 6. We did it. With the exception of summer squash soup which I stayed until 1930 to finish, but only because it took a while to cook, not because there was any actual work to be done on it aside from pureeing it and straining it.

So there was my kitchen day. Warm fuzzy greetings all around. Yeah, great. Jared would have told me to watch my tone… but then, I would never have dared talk back to Jared to begin with. Scott takes it differently. I know when it’s better to back off and when all he really needs is a twisted reason to laugh and everything will be ok.


Josie’s gone. Tim’s gone. Josie had to leave right after service. I made her a friendship bracelet, and it’s a good thing Tim’s goodbye party was directly after work, or I would have cried.

I talked to Mum for a good hour. Tim came in the middle of it to say goodnight and goodbye, give me a hug, tell me not to let the stress get to me, and that I needed to enjoy the rest of my time at Pond Hill as much as possible.

At morning meeting, Jimmy mentioned that we should have three new fall interns in within the next week and a half. I guess they’ll be moving into my, Chris, and Tim’s rooms respectively as we move out. It’s sad and exciting all at the same time. I do wonder if I’ll ever see Tim and Josie again. Not that I have plans to open a restaurant, but if I do, Josie’s going to be the FoH manager for sure. Assuming that she doesn’t have those 12 kids she’s talking about first. They would be the priority, naturally =)


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