Michigan ~ Day 65

I think the boys stayed up later, but Yena and I crashed last night.

We went to Mass at St. Augustine at 9, went back home for a dutch oven breakfast, went out on the water in the Smiths’ pontoon for a couple of hours, and then I went home to do laundry and catch up on sleep.

It does feel like I haven’t seen my siblings in forever. I’m amazed at how much they’ve all grown and matured just in the past several weeks that I’ve been away, especially Paco. Everywhere we went, he was always asking if any help was needed before settling down and taking care of his own stuff. He was very proactive particularly when we took our little boat trip, running around to grab ropes, tying and untying stuff as needed, sitting on the side ready to drop the anchor, helping to carry the ladder through the water from the beach to the boat, and even getting out with Mr. Smith and two of the other boys to wade to the aid of a random party with their boat also anchored at the beach, jumping into the water and not caring how cold it was when he saw that help was needed.

I had not brought my swimsuit to Boyne, so I was basically boat guardian while everyone else was enjoying the water =D Oh well. I had a good long nap on the water; it was the best nap I’ve had all summer. Not that I’ve had too many. I think Yena was tired from yesterday’s trip, and she spent a good amount of time just napping with me.

When I arrived yesterday, I had been coming up the path in the dark, and Yena was outside with Mrs. Wurth and Maria, and Mrs. Wurth asked, “Yena, does that laugh sound familiar to you?” She seemed a little dazed and confused at first, but then she came and gave me a big hug =) Surprise successful.

It’s a little strange being with the kids without Mom and Dad, even more so because they’re acting like they take road trips with friends all the time. And I don’t mean that in a bad way, I just mean that they’re very independent, which I should have expected after all this camping and stuff, but it still awes me in a way. Paco taught us how to find N/S/E/W with a watch and a stick, and was shouting nautical terms that he apparently had to learn so that he could teach it to the scouts. I didn’t follow any of it, but I sure am proud of him for knowing what he’s talking about.

While we were on the road to Mass, Paco and Migi were telling me a little bit about RPG and the scene where Migi’s character’s conscience is awakened – it didn’t have one at first. I really wish I could record a session of their RPG just once, especially with Migi’s humor being somewhat similar to mine.

Yena surprised me by not exhibiting much hesitance about getting into the water with Maria and the boys. I was glad to hear that she enjoyed outpost after all. She’s so responsible about taking her ear infection medication!! She was always looked for a clock and keeping track, without anyone prompting her.

I probably won’t see the kids at all tomorrow, but they’ll be here Tuesday night!!


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