Michigan ~ Day 64

SCOTT’S BACK. ‘Nuff said.

He’s exasperated with me for not getting quite as excited as he gets over the numbers that I do almost entirely on my own. I was like, “Yeah, we did 6. You were right. Thanks for bailing me out.” “What? Barely. Ais, you’ve got $115 in open checks. You’re at $664. By the time you’ve got those closed out, you’ll be at $780.” “Oh ok, nice.” *Scott throws his hands up in exasperation* “You did $780; that doesn’t excite you??” “What? No, it’s great! You know…” *Scott leaves*


Chris and I went to watch Bourne Legacy immediately after he got off work. I was worried, but we raced from the car to the cinema doors, skipped popcorn, and literally sat down a minute before it started. Boom.

SPOILER ALERT! Don’t complain that you weren’t warned…


Ok, starting in Alaska and ending in the Philippines was pretty freakin’ awesome. Understanding all the tagalog meant that I was laughing when no one else in the theater was, especially when that lady was telling the police to be careful about messing up the inside of the house because it had just been renovated. I think the movie did a great job of capturing typical Manila traffic, and the fact that most people in the Pinas are bilingual, but not so much the whole everybody-is-family feeling. I guess that’s hard when your main characters are running from the police… Practically half the movie was in the Pinas, so just for that half, it was well worth watching. In and of itself, it was very well-made, and if anyone was worried about who could possibly step into Matt Damon’s shoes, Jeremy Renner totally proved himself capable. I think I can almost accept the cliffhanger endings regarding Aaron and Jason if I could only know that Pam Landy lives and wins.

Bourne had apparently caused me to miss texts and facebook messages from Mrs. Smith, and so I literally stopped in at the intern cabin for ten minutes to pack up after getting home from Bourne before heading out again to Boyne.

Paco had known that I was coming, but Yena did not. That was the best part =) Dinner was a feast as usual, and we’ve stayed up rather late just chit-chatting… The four of us kids are sleeping in a common area, and I am very much ready to crash…


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