Michigan ~ Day 62


I’m trying Scott’s teas today. Ok, technically three of them are tisanes. Still. The first one I’m trying has hibiscus, blackcurrant, orange peal, orange leaves, blackberry leaves, lemon peel, rosehips, liquorice root, ginseng, and Tahitian vanilla pods.


Second cup contains… chamomile, spearmint, roasted barley, orange peel, and luo han guo. This one has a warning, do not use more than 4 tea bags a day, recommended for adults only, and to not take if pregnant or nursing. Interesting.


TOO MUCH FUN. Well, first of all, we did $1454.76 today, which means we beat Pat and Kelly’s not-week-of-the-Fourth-or-any-big-events record-setting Tuesday. EVERYONE came to help out – Jimmy, Marci, Tim, Chris, Pat, Kelly, we were all together and we made it happen. But then we had some hiccups near the end with last huge tables and people were disgruntled. The result was that Josie and Kelly and Jill and I went to Chandler’s for dinner. It was well worth every single penny.

Like sisters, we passed every single thing we ordered counterclockwise around the table to taste/share. Between the four of us, we had a total of ten drinks [including the four waters on which all of us were refilled at some point, so they count] two appetizers, a salad, two entrees, and three desserts.

I’d say more but… I’m so tired! I’m going to do a review post on Chandler’s sometime, hopefully with plenty of good pictures. We’ll see how dark they ended up…


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