Michigan ~ Day 61

I saw a priest at the cafe for lunch today. Just thought I’d mention that.

So I have determined that the mouse does not live in my room. But it does slip under the door to get in and out of my room. Ughhhhhh. KJ says I didn’t wake her, but I was up for 20 minutes last night pushing things around trying to get the mouse to stop hiding and go away. I was awoken by very violent rustling; I have a brown paper bag sitting on the floor where I store an abundance of plastic bags accumulated from various places to use as trash bags in the future. I guess it ran into that. As annoyed as I am, I also find it amusing on some level, because it brings flashbacks of Kuya Jom making a game of trying to trap the mouse that was always in the cabinet. That was, what, eighteen years ago?

Service was smooth and rather slow; we only did $777 today. Tim and KJ and I sat around in the cafe on our laptops, waiting for Benjamin to not need us kitchen kids anymore. KJ and Tim ended up going to pick blackberries and black raspberries for a pie.

KJ and Josie and I went to the bowling alley for trivia night. Why have we not been doing this all summer?? We were tied for 1st at halftime, but then slid down to 4th, because we apparently know nothing about television. I was so mad at myself; there was a Shakespeare question – something about the beginning line – and I was sure that the answer was either King Lear, Hamlet, or Richard III. As luck would have it, I went with King Lear, and it turned out to be Richard III. *grrrrr*

I did get to practice my forms. I got up to Bassai before I had to stop and think. I was watching old videos of Paco and Migi doing Jin Do and their Bassai forms. Might have to do a mashup and a side by side comparison sometime.


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