Michigan ~ Day 59

Whew! I’m the cafe all week this week!!! I won’t see the tasting room at all…

Scott says we did $900+ today. It seriously didn’t feel like it. Pat was kind enough to jump back and forth in between the tasting room and the kitchen. It was my first time working with Pat on the line. He was working cold side and we had a laugh, because he usually “convinces someone else to work cold side,” so he was a little out of it. Just a little =) “Pat, did you put dressing on that Southwest?” “Of… course… not…”

I didn’t have to stay too late; Scott and I sat down and talked about the plan for the pig roast right after service and put together a prep list. He’s been stressing about it, but I think he felt a little better after we talked. I got out at about 1830ish, and Kelly had grabbed my wine glass from the cabin for me, so we headed into Petoskey as soon as I got out of work.

Why haven’t we been doing this before?? It’s fun to hang out with Kelly =) We went to the tasting room; I had seven tastings and she had five.

I’m not a huge fan of Pinot Gris or dry Riesling to begin with, but their Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, and dry Riesling were all rather disappointing in stark comparison to our own. Sorry, but I’d pay to drink Franzia first.

The late harvest Riesling had a residual sugar of 4.5%; I neither loved nor hated it. It may have been made in “true Germanic fashion,” but I’m going to have to say that the terroir just doesn’t compare.

Their Cab Sauv is Michigan grown, which means that it has the big nose and the dark, smoky, tobacco and pepper and dark ripe fruit profile, without the huge tannin structure that I don’t particularly enjoy in Cabs from much warmer climates. I still prefer their Cab Franc and Merlot over their Cab Sauv, but it was a notable experience.

The strawberry rhubarb wine was not at all what I was expecting. As soon as Jeff, the bartender, poured it, Kelly and I could smell it from where we were sitting a good foot and a half away from the glass. It smelled like those strawberry hard candies [that I choked on once as a small child in the old van with the deep red seats and was scared to eat for years afterwards, but rediscovered in my teen years and consequently loved], yet it wasn’t terribly sweet. The strawberry was very forward, the rhubarb more towards the back, and Jeff, upon my asking, assured me that no sugar had been added and that it was all the fruit’s own fermentable sugars. Incredible. It didn’t beat their blackberry wine in my book, but it was worth the taste.

Last for me was the raspberry dessert wine, and I concur with their suggestion to serve it poured over vanilla ice cream, because I wouldn’t drink that stuff straight. I might bring home a bottle and reduce it, fold it into ganache and make truffles for Christmas. I think that would be as good as our cherry wine truffles. Now that I think about it, maybe the strawberry rhubarb would be nice for that as well.

Kelly and I enjoyed a late dinner at Roast & Toast. That Golden Eye is definitely my favorite drink; I might not get around to trying anything else for loving it so much. It’s even better than the Coffee Emporium’s chai latte, and that is saying something.

My phone says I talked to Mum for an hour and a half xD My phone battery dying was what cut it off. It was a pretty hilarious conversation, and I got to watch the sun set and do some stargazing into the bargain.

Tomorrow is the pig roast! I have no idea what I’m getting myself into, but I bet you anything that pig won’t be able to hold a candle to Pinoy lechon… sorry…


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