Michigan ~ Day 58

So, I only JUST caught the Chablis reference in Jonathan Coulton’s I Feel Fantastic. I appreciated it. Nearly five years late, but hey.

I missed a text from the Smiths inviting me to Mass in Boyne Falls, so I ended up going to Mass at 9 at HCJ, then the internet cafe for a bit. Chris’ parents were coming in earlier than he expected, so he bailed on wine tasting.

We have a washing machine in the intern cabin!!!! Haha, it’s soo exciting, and sooo loud. Not the sort of thing you want to be running overnight; it would keep everyone awake. I did my first load today and left for Petoskey after I’d put stuff in the dryer.

Every seat in the tasting room in Petoskey was filled, and there was only one bartender, so I walked right back out again. I’d just paid for an hour of parking, so I didn’t quite know what to do with myself… I ended up going to the Roast & Toast for a late lunch and chatting with Mother. When my time ran out, I headed to the beach and tried to call Mum from there, but it the reception was horrible and the phone call wouldn’t go through.

It was so windy!!! I was amazed that people were actually attempting to swim. Jimmy said the waves were a good 9 feet on their way to the Island.

I called Mum on my way back to the cabin and then lazed around, reading and sleeping and snacking, until it was time to head to Sharon’s for the barbecue. Chris’ parents are delightful people, and Chris nods exactly like his mother. That was highly amusing to observe. She was talking to Jill and I was like – hey! so that’s where Chris gets that expression from. LOL.

Tim didn’t join us, which made me sad. He’s leaving a week from Tuesday, and so is Josie. They’ll be the first one’s out… then Jake… then Chris and myself. We have so little time left together… and I still have to do my co-op assignments! *oops*


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