08.05.12 ~ Mystery of Woman Revealed in Motherhood


The Bible (and subsequently the liturgy), with its characteristic simplicity, honors and praises throughout the centuries “the womb that bore you and the breasts that you sucked” (Lk 11:27). These words constitute a eulogy of motherhood, of femininity, of the female body in its typical expression of creative love. ← I keep zoning in on that last phrase, “the female body in its typical expression of creative love. It hurts so much to witness ‘feminism’ that strives for a stifling of that creative love; and no, not merely a creative aspect, but that a woman’s love is creative in and of itself, that it cannot be otherwise. Woman’s love is a nurturing one, one that is meant to give and to promote life in all ways possible and at all times. It is not the reducing of a woman to a baby-making machine; her love is to be pro-life towards all, building up all those with whom she interacts, not tearing them down, guiding and following by turns, leading and submitting, always nurturing. There are many things we could call it and say about it and elaborate on, but at its core, ‘feminism,’ in short, wants to deny the creative nature of woman’s love. Doesn’t that just hurt your very soul to think about? that the greatest enemy of woman’s true and full and complete love is the ‘feminist’ mentality?


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