Michigan ~ Day 57

Five doubles in two weeks. As Sami would say, “We cray!” Kelly was with us till 6, Chris came in at 3, I was there from 9 to 9. We actually got out early tonight!!!

I don’t really know what to tell. The salad was gorgeous; hydro-bibb with cheeses and strawberries and champagne vinaigrette.

The entree was not our prettiest – or fanciest – plate-up, but flavor-wise it was superb; mashed potatoes, roasted green beans, half a chicken breast, a 4-oz steak, mushroom sauce, and compound butter. I peeled and boiled potatoes, Chris drained them, KK mashed them, I seasoned them. Kelly and I de-stemmed the green beans, Scott seasoned and roasted them. Breasts were from the chickens I broke down earlier this week, Scott trimmed and portioned them, I seared them on the flattop. Kelly unpackaged the steaks, I seasoned and kissed them on the grill, Scott finished both the chicken and the steaks in the oven. Scott made the mushroom sauce and compound butter, and Kelly and Scott both sliced the latter. In short, the entree was quite the team effort.

Dessert was grilled peaches with vanilla ice cream, basil, balsamic reduction, and an angel food cake landing pad for the ice cream.

Flashback while searing chickens – when Jared [or Rob] was searing off ducks for service, I would know that it was about time to suit up [and not be scrambling].

Lunch service was smooth. The dinner felt a little more harried than usual, but it went by without too many hitches, and Chris is great in the kitchen.

We’re having a barbecue at Sharon’s tomorrow because Chris’ parents are going to be here. I’m going to Mass at 9, and then Chris and I were talking about stopping in at the Mackinaw Trail Winery tasting room and then walking around Petoskey since his parents won’t get in until late afternoon.

Did I mention my first indoor encounter with pests bigger than spiders? I woke up a few nights ago because something clearly rodent-sized was in my room, zooming around and running into things in the dark. I’ve got a few plastic bags and an empty beer bottle sitting on the floor, and something was knocking into them. I turned the lights on and watched the floor intently. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw it zooming off. Clearly it was not too huge, because it managed to get in and out of my room by going under the door. I wasn’t in any hurry to turn off the lights again. Let’s just say I lost some sleep that night…


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