Michigan ~ Day 56

It’s a two hour drive from Harbor Springs to Cadillac. The finalized dinner group included Josie, Kelly, Emily, and myself. I drove, we made good time, and arrived in Cadillac at 2030.

Josie’s father is a CMC; he took the CMC exam in Sweden. He spent 11 years cooking around Europe and Asia before opening the deli/restaurant/butcher’s shop in Cadillac some 30 years ago. His sous chef has been there almost from the beginning, and a number of members of both the BoH and FoH have been there 20+ years.

We were treated to a bottle of Champagne with our dinner. Josie’s parents sat with us, though they had already eaten, and treated us to culinary and waitressing stories. I felt right at home =) and I wish some of my culinary friends could meet Josie’s dad. I’m pretty sure they would see what I see – that he reminds me more than a little bit of Chef K.

For appetizers, the four of us girls split two cups of morel soup, baked brie with lingonberries and applies and toasted almonds, and escargot a la maison. Kelly had a burger, Josie had a salad, Emily had pasta, and I had grilled [med-rare] tournedos with crab and Bearnaise and rice. *INNER SQUEAL *

We shared a slice of Sachertorte for dessert, which was on the house.

All the way home, we were singing to the radio, chit-chatting, laughing constantly, and coming up with a 90’s throwback playlist for the three days that we will have the kitchen to ourselves because Scott is taking some time off. It’s going to be a blast.

I did not make it to Mass this morning, but I did make it to Confession. Scott and I had a fairly smooth day in the cafe, and I stayed until 9 to help him prep, earning myself a free lunch. Aisometrics has a compensation list going for the extra time she works, and so far the list, which is taped to the fridge, reads, “sushi rice / growler / 1 free lunch.” Lol.

Scott did not object to Billy Joel, Sting, or Sarah McLachlan, but when I switched to Jim Brickman, he had to make some comment about elevator music. Bah. Oh well, Audrey Assad and Mat Kearney next. Other than that, prep was uneventful, aside from Scott giving a name to my high-pitched other-voice – he calls it ‘the alien’ – which he cannot understand when I switch to.

I did learn that I’m working the pig roast on Tuesday, and I am more than slightly put out that I won’t be able to go to dance class. Not cool. I won’t be able to go the following Tuesday either due to the wine dinner. *sigh *

Tim was baking more zucchini bread when I got back. We sat around feasting on warm zucchini bread and Pond Hill preserves, listening to some Third Day, Brandon Heath, Casting Crowns, Tenth Avenue North… I asked him if he was excited to be going home so soon, and he seemed distracted when he first answered; it turned out that a bluebottle had landed on his slice of zucchini bread and instead of killing it, he had removed its wings and a number of its legs and was watching it still buzzing along the table in semi-circles with its one good leg. Needless to say, I had a some difficulty not collapsing in giggles when he gave me a play-by-play of his mutilation of the fly.

Oh – I was telling Benjamin about my little visit to the Mackinaw Trail Winery, and he said that the couple that had been next to me while I was there had shown up here and had talked about me and how awesome I was =D Hahahahaha. Oh, and Ben told me that Karen was there when they were talking about me, so she just expanded on my awesomeness. LOL. Good times. They put me at 5′ 6” when they were describing me to Benjamin. That just tickled me pink.


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