08.02.12 ~ Original Innocence and Man’s Historical State


An insuperable barrier divides us from what man then was as male and female, by means of the gift of grace united with the mystery of creation, and from what they both were for each other, as a mutual gift. Yet we try to understand that state of original innocence in its connection with man’s historical state after original sin: “status naturae lapsae simul et redemptae.” ← Emphasis on those first three words, an insuperable barrier.

Man enters the world and enters the most intimate pattern of his future and his history with awareness of the nuptial meaning of his own body, of his own masculinity and femininity. Original innocence says that that meaning is conditioned “ethically,” and furthermore, that on its part, it constitutes the future of the human ethos. This is very important for the theology of the body. It is the reason why we must construct this theology “from the beginning,” carefully following the indication of Christ’s words. ← I’ve encountered people in past who don’t seem to be interested in ‘the beginning’ when discussing ToB. I can’t understand why. How can you speak of what your own self ought to be at its fullest potential without speaking of what humans were created to be in the first place as personified by Adam and Eve prior to the Fall?

The fundamental fact of human existence at every stage of its history is that God “created them male and female.” He always creates them in this way and they are always such. Understanding of the fundamental meanings contained in the mystery of creation, such as the nuptial meaning of the body (and of the fundamental conditionings of this meaning), is important. It is indispensable in order to know who man is and who he should be, and therefore how he should mold his own activity. ← There are no Catholics ‘for Choice’. Please. Your narrow-mindedness is insulting. Is it so difficult to swallow that God doesn’t make what you would call ‘mistakes’, that there is a purpose behind all His doing, that He created us to function in a certain way that only works a certain way, and that only when we do follow how it’s actually supposed to workare we truly doing His will?

  • insuperable – impossible to overcome
  • anathema – a formal curse by a pope or council of the Church, excommunicating a person or denouncing a doctrine
  • preternatural – beyond what is normal or natural

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