Michigan ~ Day 51

I went to the 9am Mass at St. Augustine in Boyne Falls today, so that I could see the Smiths. I’d just found out that they were in town yesterday, and I texted Mrs. Smith after I got off the phone with Mother.

They gave me a box from Mommy after Mass =) I still have to read everything she sent me, but I browsed and found some familiar faces in an article on Orchids. There was taralli and mangorind!!

After Mass, I went back to Pond Hill to do some laundry and get directions. The plan was to meet Mrs. Smith in Charlevoix, then head back to their cottage for a cookout with Mr. Smith’s family in from CA. I also did some shopping as I wanted to bring a few things to share, and ended up bringing Cherry Wine, Chardonnay, a growler each of the apple and cherry/apple hard ciders, and the rest of my pack of Summer Shandy. Mrs. Smith texted asking for vegetable dish ideas, so I got some of our squash and eggplant and maple syrup as well.

I didn’t want to be caught in the lunch rush, so I went to the beach, had all the windows down, and just killed a half hour reading Confessions, snacking on taralli and mangorind, sleeping a little, then headed to Charlevoix.

Adventure #1, getting stuck on the bridge with barriers down and the bridge coming up behind me. No, I wasn’t on the shifting plates, and I wasn’t anywhere in the way, but I FREAKED OUT. Pedestrians could tell I was freaking out in the minutes before the bridge started coming up, and motioned for me to just stay put. Thanks. Hah, and then once the bridge was up, I couldn’t see the boats going through, anyway, so I spent the wait examining a map, calm as you please. Bah.

I parked at the 7/11 and napped while waiting for Mrs. Smith and her sister-in-law. We drove to Glen’s and left the Subaru there, then I hopped into their car and we went to check out the boulder houses.

Adventure #2, the boulder houses are something out of Middle Earth, especially the second one pictured here. I didn’t have my camera [phone] with me, unfortunately, but it’s easy enough to find pics online. They’re GORGEOUS and some of them are rentable… !!! Hehe, don’t I wish I could.

Adventure #3, hole-in-the-wall fish market. They were out of smoked lake trout and whitefish spread, unfortunately, but Mrs. Smith got some smoked salmon that was the absolute best smoked salmon I have ever had. It was to die for. I had to text Bradley, because they were selling Prudhomme’s magic seasoning stuff. Lol.

We went back to Glen’s and picked up the Subaru, as well as a couple of groceries. Mrs. Smith said something about passing on dirt roads, and instead…

Adventure #4, car ferry!!!! It took four cars at a time. Sorry for getting incredibly excited about this, but it was SUPER COOL. You drive onto it, it crosses, you drive off of it. The water was calm, but it was still ever so slightly disconcerting to be sitting in one’s car and feeling it rocking a little back and forth. Hey, I wasn’t the only one excited about it; several of us on the ferry were shooting pics left and right. From our cars. It was great.

We headed back to cottage, and I was allowed to help prepare the eggplant and squash[es]. The squash was roasted swimming in maple syrup, and the eggplant was grilled, served with a balsamic/lemon vinaigrette.

Dinner included wheat thins, cheeses, smoked salmon, burgers, roasted squash, grilled eggplant, brown rice, and, the crowning glory, Mr. Smith’s étoufée. Mr. Smith’s twin made an étoufée burger. It was scary. I got a picture. LOL.

It was a large gathering, almost 20 people, and two of them were Young Americans. Jimmy had mentioned just this morning that he and Marci were planning to take everybody out to watch the Young Americans, and I’m looking forward to seeing familiar faces =) May I say very firmly that I highly enjoy the company of Mr. Smith’s side of the family. I had to grin over the brief exchange; “*name* is Conservative now-” “Well, it’s about time! What else would they be?” Lol.

A good portion of my night was spent dancing around with little newborn Grayson. I was sitting around his carseat with some of the women, just watching him sleep. How could you not want that little bundle of joy for your own? How could you murder such a perfect little miracle?

Cam had both of his ukes downstairs, so between Cam, McKenna, and myself, we switched around the two ukes and the 12-string and rocked out =D

McKenna’s vegetarian, and she asked, “Why do these veggies taste like candy?!!?” “Maple syrup… sorry…?” “No, are you kidding? I love it!!”

Cherry wine + dark chocolate = perfect ending to the evening. I was home by 2230, and I’ve got a thirteen-hour shift tomorrow for our Farm to Table dinner. Peace out!


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