Michigan ~ Day 49

Ok, so, experiment fail. Or success, depending on how you look at it. I foolishly volunteered to work extra hours this week. No, wait, that’s not fair. There is nothing boastful about saying that they really did need the help, and I’m old enough to know and understand that we’re judged as an operation and not as individuals. I love this place and I really wanted to help make it happen for the guests of our two big events this week: a wine dinner with 40+ guests on Tuesday, and a dress rehearsal for 53 guests today.

The downside is that I didn’t go to Mass yesterday or today. It hadn’t happened yet this summer that I’d half-woken up, turned off the alarm, and promptly fallen back into a very deep sleep, then woken up flailing and growling at the time some 20 minutes later. Guess I’m there.

I’m exhausted.

I’m even planning on sleeping in tomorrow, as late as possible, instead of being up in the vineyards by 0800.

Equipment was being fixed, and that pretty much set the tone for me for the rest of the day. The first ticket came in just as the mechanic was shifting stuff out of the oven underneath the flattop that I conveniently needed to grill nine grilled cheeses, seven of them parm-crusted. Trying to do that in three not-really-nonstick pans is certainly a very aggravating way to begin service. I think I’ve talked about how I go into my I-don’t-want-to-talk-I-just-want-to-work mode. Well, that was the whole day for me today, and nobody knew how to handle it, which only aggravated me more. Am I not allowed to work quietly sometimes?

Ok, ok, good things about today.

  • Scott decided to brew some echinacea / peppermint / licorice / natural menthol extract / lavender / chinese five-star anise tea blend, and it was delicious. Good thing it was caffeine-free, because I was drinking it all day.
  • Benjamin had suggested that we try braising the pork for pulled pork sandwiches in hard cider. Complete win, especially because I knew from the whiff I got from two feet away. “Does that have alcohol?” “Hard cider.” “Knew it. BOOM.” “Really? You can tell?” “Oh yeah.” “I didn’t really notice… Guess I better try it again.”
  • Pictures of the dessert display we did. Fairly simple, but a nice touch. And speaking of which…
  • I guess my piping skillz aren’t half bad, because after the first set of five dozen bite-size desserts, upon seeking further instruction, Scott was genuinely surprised that I was ready for the next set so soon.
  • Sitting outside and eating lunch with Kelly. Blissful Burritos! =D
  • Going downstairs to check for letters and getting to see the chicks for the first time.
  • Getting home and finding Tim on his laptop, waiting for five loaves of zucchini bread to come out of the [downstairs] oven, all of which he’d made from a single Pond Hill organic zucchini. Delicious.
  • Trading pics with Tim. I only had 200ish to give him, but he gave me 1000+.

And now I’m really very much ready to crash, and I am sleeping in tomorrow. GOODNIGHT.


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