Michigan ~ Day 44

0730 Mass on Sundays is attended mostly by the same people that attend daily Mass at 0800. Father Joe says I clean up well… That made me laugh. And I received compliments on my outfit from parishioners. I was wearing my danskos, the gold wrap-around from Mama, and a black long-sleeved blouse with a bow at the collar, something I first saw in Italy and wanted ever since, but could never justify spending money on until I found it at Goodwill =D When paired with a long skirt, hair up, and conservative earrings, it was one of those combinations that Mother might have commented on as looking a bit old xD LOL. Love ya, Mum.

I stopped at the internet cafe for a bit and called Mama while I was there. I was googling directions to the fair in Good Hart that Karen invited me to yesterday. I was persuaded by the promise of a book sale, and I am incredibly glad that I did go. Hardcovers were 2 for $5, and paperbacks were 50 cents, so I got Eldest, The Bourne Identity, The Silmarillion, and St. Augustine’s Confessions. Poor, misguided Christopher Paolini. It tickles me pink to think what Marc Barnes might have to say to such a person over Eragon and Oromis’ conversation regarding religion. I think I might have to search Bad Catholic for anything Eragon-related, and probably request a post in the absence of any satisfactory results.
I bought an almond-rhubarb pie for lunch and headed to the beach, where I alternated between reading my new books and sleeping in the car with all the windows down for about three hours. At around 1530, I took my little walk on the beach and did some wading, but didn’t stay long, as crowds are terrible. By that time, I’d switched my wrap-around to a dress; it was soooo hot today.

17something found me back at the farm with a glass of cherry wine and a bag of chocolate-covered cherries. And Ben had sold the last tasting of Cherry Finale, completely convincing me that I had better purchase a half case right off the bat when the shipment comes in this week.

I lazed around for the rest of the afternoon and I have actually decided to go to bed rather early today… it’s barely 2100, but I really do need to catch up on sleep. Goodnight =)


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