Michigan ~ Day 43

Scott’s working on his Ais vocabulary.

me: Whaattt??
Scott: Like, what does Ais do when she’s angry? She goes into aisolation. What does Ais do to exercise? Aisometrics. There’s so many ais- words. I’m working on it.

Again, I was up in the vineyards by 0800, down in the tasting room by 1030ish, steady stream of guests and nothing Benjamin and I couldn’t handle, etc. etc.

Work, dinner, and then beach. I like the beach at that time of day; why anyone would prefer to be there five hours earlier when you risk stepping on someone’s towel every five feet is beyond me. 2000 is the perfect time to be at the beach, both crowd- and temperature-wise. The people who were still around might’ve thought I was crazy, because I waded out to just about waist-deep and stood there, staring at the sun, not moving any more than absolutely necessary to keep one’s balance against the waves, for a good 15? 20? minutes. I cannot imagine how incredible it must have been for St. Peter to walk on top of all that measured, chaotic beauty.

The Dark Knight Rises was playing at 0930 and Lexy and her friends were going, so I headed to Petoskey after the beach. I’m sorry, but that deserves a post all by itself, hopefully in the near future, because I liked it even better than Fearless, and that’s saying a lot


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