Michigan ~ Day 41

For some reason, at Mass this morning, I felt like I hadn’t been to Mass in forever. It’s only Thursday, so I guess on some level that’s a good thing?

Thirteen-point-five hours in the kitchen today. “Do you ever wonder if you’re bi-polar? No, seriously.” You have to laugh, but Scott’s got a point. He talked about working the line and mentally repeating over and over to oneself that that is one’s last night, and never again, never again, but then you walk out on a high note like, yes we pulled that off. Extreme mood swings… just part of the industry? “Sometimes that’s why I don’t want you calling me ‘chef,’ because I don’t necessarily want to be associated with the profession that has the highest rates of suicide, alcoholism, and divorce.” He said that halfway through dinner, he all grrrr, and then right at the moment he was talking to me during cleanup afterwards, he was ridiculously happy.

The most fun I had all evening was when Scott told me to make smashed potatoes on the fly out of a case of boiled potatoes. No tamis, no mixer, no ricer, heck, no household potato masher. So I took a bowl and put potatoes in it and put another bowl on top and punched away. Scott was impressed =) and I think amused on some level. I alternated between ridiculously small wooden spoons, metal spoons, said bowl, and gloved hands. Everything was getting hot except for the wooden spoons which were virtually no help because of their size, and the latex gloves were starting to feel as if they were melting onto my hands. Jimmy seemed concerned and offered to do it for me, but I don’t trust anyone to do my job for me =D Seriously, though, he was needed elsewhere, and I can recover quickly enough from heat.

Scott was saying he’d have a blister from all the chopping he was doing. I have one, too.

The dinner went excellently. We weren’t quite on top of things until the entree was plated… but I’m getting ahead of myself. Pinot Gris went first with the soup, which was gazpacho. Chardonnay went with the mixed green salad with goat cheese vinaigrette and a poached egg. The Regatta Red was served with the braised short ribs and smashed potatoes. Sorry, I’m sort of running through these, because dessert was awesome in every way…

CHERRY FINALE. Yes, I have finally tasted the Cherry Finale and I am in love with it and I might need to take a case of it home. Blueberry sauce, lemon lavender tartlet shell, and a square of yellow pound cake on the plate, basil ice cream on top of the pound cake and rhubarb compote in the tartlet shell. Killer. Killer, killer, killer.

Kelly and Jake and Emily and I all ended up at Jill’s house to hang out with her and Josie. Quite the party; Kelly and I didn’t get home till 0130. So goodnight!!!!


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